The Power of Four

All Our Exes Live in Texas is a fantasy draft of Sydney’s finest singer-songwriters – Elana Stone, Katie Wighton, Hannah Crofts and Georgia Mooney – here combining in four-part, indie-folk harmony heaven. On mandolin, ukulele, accordion and guitar, the Exes are a folk force to be reckoned with. Now, as part of a national tour for their album When We Fall, the foursome are bringing their delicious melodies and quirky lyricism to Miami Marketta. We chatted to Katie ahead of the tour.

Have you played at Marketta before?

We have actually we played with Boy and Bear there last year. They were SO good. It’s a great spot.

I just the love the band name. How did it come about?

It’s very boring really! It’s actually already a song called All My Exes Live in Texas. We googled best country song title names, and found it. By George Strait. He’s from Austin, he’s got a reputation over there.

Do you think he realises there’s an Australian folk group named after his song?

That’s a very good question! It would be very interesting to know if he knows.

How has the response been to When We Fall?

It’s been really lovely. We crowdfunded the album so it’s been lovely having all the people that pledged to get involved in the album hear it. And we’ve had lovely audiences all across the country and we’re excited to tour the album in Australia.

Do you have favourite tracks?

My favourite is Parking Lot, it’s sort of the heaviest, most rock-y sound. Hannah wrote it, and we all love singing it in unison, it’s really empowering.

How does the writing work between all of you?

Someone will bring a song that isn’t quite finished, someone else with write a song with someone else in mind, it’s choppy-changey in who sings what and who writes.

Four part harmonies are unusual in non-acappella music.

We’re all singers and we thought it was be fun to sing together. We’ll do call and response we didn’t set out to be different but it kind of happened that way which is a nice accident.

How different are your personal styles and how do you integrate them?

Elana does a lot more electronic pop-y stuff for her solos, and I was a bit more dark pop stuff and Georgia is probably the most folky of a lot of us. Hannah was also in the folk / pop world so we’re all kind of different genres but we love folk music and we all studied jazz so we all came at music from a similar vibe. We’re all quite different singers it’s really interesting that our blend works well and you can always tell who’s singing which lead part. It’s just a very happy accident.

All Our Exes Live in Texas will hit Miami Marketta on 13 July. Tickets via Oztix.

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