The Preatures: four guys, one girl and a lot of healthy eating

When asked what fans new or old should remember about The Preatures, drummer Luke Davison answered, “four guys, one girl, a lot of healthy eating.”

The Sydney based rockers are on their way to the Gold Coast this month, bringing their energetic sound with them.

Featuring Isabella ‘Izzi’ Manfredi, Gideon Bensen, Jack Moffitt, Thomas Champion and Luke Davison, the five piece are playing 20 free shows around the country as part of Corona Sunsets Summer Road Trip. Luke says so far they’ve been having a great time.

“It’s been pretty amazing, pretty intense. We do two shows a day but it’s been quite relaxing,” said Luke.

“The crowds have been really amazing actually. It’s really surprising to see so many people for these acoustic shows.”

Since releasing their album Blue Planet Eyes in 2014, The Preatures have performed on stages from Glastonbury to South by South West to Splendour in the Grass. But Luke suggests he prefers playing the smaller gigs.

“You’re speaking to someone who grew up around this, this is my entire early 20s playing gigs in pubs,” he said.

“As far as the band is concerned, I prefer playing more intimate environments because you can kind of get into it more.”

“Playing big stages is great and a big thrill when you’ve got the full sound of the band happening, but there’s nothing like any kind of acoustic show.”

As The Preatures continue to play to international audiences, the response to Australian music overseas is only rising in popularity.

“Australian music is very popular all around the world, everywhere you go, everyone’s keen to hear about Aussie bands and obviously, with all the Aussie bands doing well overseas,” Luke said.

“My opinion is, it’s authentic and there’s just a lot of talent in Australia and there’s quite a sound that’s very free and very genuine and everyone just does their own thing.”

Corona Sunsets sees the band travelling from state to state where they like to keep the energy light between shows as they start writing and recording new music.

“All professional here,” jokes Luke. “We tend to just like jumping back in the studio and playing but there’s about a million of them (funny stories).”

“We’re all really silly people, we usually find something to laugh at.”

Check out The Preatures at Coolangatta Hotel (downstairs) from 3.00pm on Sunday, November 22. The gig is free.

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