The Pulse of Life documentary hosts world premiere on the Gold Coast

Lin Sutherland, one of Queensland’s leading documentary makers, will be hosting the world premiere of nature and ecology doco ‘Pulse of Life’ on 9 September.

‘Pulse of Life’ looks at the deep connections within our extraordinary planet, its delicate ecosystems and how all life inter-depends on each other in this intricate web.

Lin has produced 85 films for a range of global networks. With over 10,000 scuba dives and thousands of hours filming in environments all around the world under her belt, she tells her stories that connect the planet’s life threads. ‘Pulse of Life’ is her latest vision; A true story of the world’s colourful fabric of life which includes changing ecosystems and the desperate tale of disappearing species.

“As a film maker I work for the planet, she is my boss,” says Lin. “I ask for nothing but she provides me everyday with the luxury of breath. People must read the signals of the planet. If we don’t, well that’s when we run the risk of disappearing as a species while the planet goes onward reinventing.

“The film’s message is to try and understand the Pulse of Life and use our hearts and souls to heal the planet,” says Lin. “Solutions are everywhere but we need to be led by true vision. Many inspirational environmental organisations are leading the way, [and this is celebrated] in the film, showcasing people standing together to initiate change.”

‘Pulse of Life’ brings the most important issues to the forefront, continues Lin. “Life is the most precious thing we know.”

The launch will be shown in a homegrown community engagement event at Currumbin RSL to bring others together and unite in a night of realisation, celebration, fun and action.

There will be two screenings: One from 5 to 7 pm and the other from 7.30 to 9.30pm, both with filmmaker Lin Sutherland in attendance, as well as leading Gold Coast MC Samantha Morris and a didgeridoo welcome by Matt Wilson.’

Grab your tickets here.

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