The return of Peaches


Peaches as a performer and songwriter is outrageously daring and willing to live and breathe outside of the box. Her electronic sex punk style has featured globally in films, on TV, on many other artist’s albums and regularly in many clubs and events. For over 25 years she has exceeded common limitations of expressionism and sonic production boundaries whilst questioning gender specific identity.

The scandalous genius’ latest release Rub features 11 single-worthy tracks, Sonic Youth badass bass queen Kim Gordon, her long time friend songstress Fiest and niece Simone Jones who is a talented rising star in her own right, and was produced once again by her close friend Vice Cooler. Peaches is the kind of woman who likes to leave the ego at the door and get down to the nitty gritty of life and her work.

The electro erotic rap priestess spoke to Yanina Benavidez – where just moments before she’d her first vinyl pressing and was feeling a little excited. The conversation started with Peaches asking Yanina what her favourite track was, effectively stealing our writer’s first question. “In all honesty it’s too good to just pick out one favourite, they are all phenomenal, I have listened so many times over and still can’t decide which one I would choose,” Yanina said. She said she ended up settling on that ode to chicks with dicks, Dick in the Air. Anyway, on to the interview.

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Outside of ruling in theatre and film what inspired you to get back to writing and producing music as Peaches?

After making the four albums, I felt like I needed a little break from it all. Even though I would only make an album every three years I would tour it for two years and it became this constant cycle and it became somewhat tiresome. So I needed a break and that’s when I did all my other film and all that stuff and that was so good to do so then I got it out of the way and then I was excited to do an album again. Even though it was a great routine, it was still a routine and I needed to break that. It was good to do other projects.


Did working with the legendary Kim Gordon and Fiest help you come closer to fulfilling your dreams of an all girl band?

(Giggles)… ahh, yeah in a way. Fiest and I are good friends and we have worked together before, it was really nice to work together this time. It was really wonderful to have her feature properly on the album, not just for backing vocals and support, but to give her the spotlight a bit. And She (Kim Gordon) is so spontaneous, she just did it all in one take. She came in and nailed it, she is the coolest.


What was it like writing a song for Empress Stah to perform to?

That was such a cool idea and project, usually performance artists will find songs to do their routine to, but she trusted me to do one for her and when she told me what the project was I said ‘I think I am perfect for this’. It just took one conversation with her, I love the politics of why she was doing it and I love her work. It was fantastic! She asked please don’t make it too fast because I am spinning around with this laser butt-plug. That was cool for me too, to not make it this manic booty song or like half time thing.


Do you have a favourite track on Rub?

Rub, currently is my favourite song on the album. Its really fun to sing and I really feel like it’s a quintessential style of mine, it just feels totally like my very own. Like it couldn’t ever be anybody else’s as a song.


What are your thoughts on Vaginoplasty?

The reason I wrote that is there’s so many songs about – I got a big dick, I got a big ass, I got big tits and nobody every writes I got a big pussy. Nobody gives big pussies a chance and I thought what are you gonna do? You got a big pussy, use it. You don’t have to have surgery, I am sure there’s lots of ways you can still enjoy yourself and it should be ok. But if you need it, like you had an accident or you need gender reassignment then of course go for it, but I don’t want people to feel bad cause they have a big puss.


You named yourself after the end of Nina Simone’s song, what did you love most about the queen, Nina Simone?

She was just so powerful and outspoken; I recently watched a documentary What happened Miss Simone. She was writing these political songs and they were banning them on the radio, she is such an incredible talent, she started playing piano in her Baptist church at five, she is so organic and heartfelt. It’s a sad story, but you just have to watch it.


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Peaches like Miss Simone herself, is a powerhouse of genius, a spectacular entertainer and a creative queen in her own right. She has so much more to give and has noted that she is currently making a collection of short films to coincide with the album Rub, each song will with its own short film, which she has directed herself.

She also tells me that her live show currently features two Australian dancers, they are good and “slutty”, and will hopefully bring the live show here after her tour of the Americas and Europe. She is positive she will be here for a good run of club and festival shows.


Rub is now available on vinyl as well as digital formats. Nothing will empower, activate or excite you more than this collection of phenomenal tracks.

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