The Return of The Goldhearts: Playing Vinnies Dive Bar on Friday, 3 May

Borne from the classic lineage of much loved 90’s Brisbane acts The Dream Poppies and Razel, melodically charged Gold Coast indie rockers The Goldhearts have pleasingly resurfaced following a three year hiatus. Signalling their re-emergence with the recent release of punchy new number, ‘Be Brave’, the band will be getting back into the swing of things in the live arena on Friday, 3 May at Vinnies Dive Bar in Southport, as part of a quality line-up which also features ex Go Betweens member Adele Pickvance’s new band.

In the lead up, we fired off a few questions to The Goldhearts singer Margy Joughin..

So what’s been happening with the band over the past three years of radio silence?

I suspect there’s been a fair bit of band members watching Netflix in their pyjamas during our little hiatus, but in all reality everyone has pretty busy lives so it can be very difficult to organise everyone to be in the same place at the same time. We were lucky a window of opportunity emerged early this year where everyone had some time, were refreshed and in the mood, so we were able to record some music and plan some shows for 2019.

Your new single, ‘Be Brave’ is the precursor to an upcoming EP of further new material. How are the new songs shaping up and when can we expect to hear them?

We have recorded two songs: ‘Be Brave’ (first single) and ‘Star’s (working title). We have probably four more to record. We are working again with Govinda Doyle who is a talented producer in Northern NSW. We are lucky he is in the locale and is happy to work with us. Govinda knows us now which makes the process pretty relaxed and he is lots of fun, so it’s actually a real treat to see our songs take form in his studio.

What can we expect from you in the live realm when you take the stage at Vinnies Dive Bar this coming Friday night?

We are planning to play mainly the material off our album ‘The Rise and Fall of the Goldhearts’, but we will also be playing the single ‘Be Brave’ and we will give ‘Stars’ a whirl as well. The night at Vinnie’s Dive has an incredible line-up in terms of #WomeninMusic. We have local legend Katie Who headlining, Adele Pickvance, ex-Go Between fronting her new band, Adele Pickvance and the Chandeliers, and Sani Bolton who is an amazing and legendary local singer-songwriter-guitarist. I think it will be great night if you like female-led guitar bands.

What’s in store for the band for the rest of 2019?

Well hopefully all goes according to plan and we get our EP out and we can co-ordinate our diaries for an East Coast tour to promote it. We’ll also play some more local shows, because it’s a hive of music and cultural activity here and we want to get amongst it.

If a night rocking out to some of the finest female led guitar bands from around these parts sounds like the perfect prescription, be sure to get amongst it on Friday, 3 May at Vinnies Dive Bar in Southport, when The Goldhearts herald their return as part of a stellar line-up that also features Adele Pickvance and the Chandeliers, Katie Who and Sani Bolton.

And keep an eye out for the next issue of Blank GC, where we’ll be reviewing the cracking new Goldhearts single, ‘Be Brave’.

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