The Ruiins release debut single Eventually

Since their beginnings just last year, The Ruiins have developed a unique sound that sits somewhere between raw blues and vintage acoustic rock. They’ve already scored support slots for the likes of Tijuana Cartel’s Black Rabbit George and for a humble two-piece, kick serious aural butt.

Touring up and down the eastern coastline, the Ruiins have managed to grace crowds with their unique sound while gathering a humble following. And now they have a new single to their name. Cam Alexander caught up with pair: Adam Dooker (drums / vocals) and Pat Sugden (guitar, vocals) for a chat amongst the brewing vats at Burleigh Brewing Co.


You recently released debut single Eventually. What was the recording process like on this song? I read you worked with Sean Cook who worked on Big Scary’s Album Vacation. What was it like working with him? 

Yeah it was cool, we didn’t really know what to expect going in to work with an actual producer, we’ve really only done home recordings or worked with someone who studied it at university. But he was there to help construct the song and help make it what it is now. It was good t to have a professional point of view. It was cool working with someone who has worked with such big bands before and has such a good name in the industry. We both learnt so much throughout the experience.

Your single tour kicked off a couple of weeks ago in Byron, what’s been your favourite show of the tour so far? 

Byron was heaps fun, we had some friends there and everyone went mad and we played with some really cool bands. The Sydney shows were the same. Probably the best sound that we’ve had, that we felt connected with the audience the best, was at Liars Bar in Broadbeach.

Eventually recently got air time on Triple J. What’s it feel like to hear something you’ve created being played to listeners across the country?

It was sick, I’m not gonna try and play it down. We were jamming at the time and Dom Alessio emailed us and we didn’t see it. Then our mate called us, which was odd for a Monday night, so we called him back and he was losing it saying ‘listen to this!’ and it was our song playing on Triple J. We got into my car in the garage and cranked it up, there were high-5s and hugs, it was a good feeling. It was cool having our friends from all over the place messaging us saying they just heard our song as well. We also just got rotation on Triple J Unearthed, I’m not sure how often it plays, but that’s cool. And hopefully we get a few more plays on Triple J. (You can text in on 0439 75 7555 and show them some love)

Do you have any bands or artists that have influenced your current sound?

Obviously we do, growing up listening to certain kinds of music. But I don’t think we have said, ‘alright lets make ourselves sound like this kind of band’. The way our writing process is, is just to make up a riff or melody and work off that. We don’t really have a set structure of how we’re going to make the song. We kind of just play it out and see how it sounds and I guess dissect it as it comes. Eventually it starts off chilled out and then the chorus is more punchy so it’s kind of got two different styles in those parts and then the bridge is different again.

What’s next for The Ruiins? Can we expect more music soon?

We’ll run eventually for a bit and then after a while we’ll work on releasing another single for our upcoming EP, so that will be in a few months time and later on in the year the EP will follow. We’ll definitely be doing more shows for the next single. We’re keen to keep playing. Sydney was so much fun, hopefully we’ll get to travel a bit further to Canberra or Melbourne and definitely more Brisbane shows as well.

PHOTO CREDIT: Lamp Photography

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