The Silencio | Been There All Along Single Review

Gold Coast acoustic rock quartet The Silencio are set to release there new album Anathema in late June and in preparation for that they have released a brand new single Been There All Along accompanied by a video release to go along with it. And boy what a brilliant video it is.  

The band have always had a unique sound that no one else is yet to duplicate and this track sees the boys finding their sound even more so. Vocalist Jan Nicholas Blom has produced some fantastic and aggressive yet clean vocals that are still able resonate this brilliant and dark melody. The track instrumentally is superb, not over complicated though still in your face and catchy as all hell. You’ll find this song will stick in your head and you’ll be more than happy that it has.

As mentioned before, there’s a video. And it’s eye catching that’s for sure. Shot by Wilson Bambrick, the video follows the band down an old set of abandonded train tracks while various props are thrown to them in slow motion. And in the mean time, they sit at a table on the train tracks with a 6 foot 5 bearded man in a dress drinking beer. And lots of it. I don’t want to give away the whole thing, it’s a brilliant piece of visual art and well worth the watch. 
If this is just a taste of what the album has in store for us, I can only expect that it is going to blow people away. 

IMAGE [c] Dan Maynard


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