The skin Erica Gray is in

Erica Gray is one of the Gold Coast’s most unique and interesting artists. She works with soft sculpture, painting and stitched textile work.

Her exhibition The skin we are in, which runs until the end of October, is an exciting and quirky exploration of human and animal relationships, and if you like your art fresh and with a twist, then this is the exhibition for you.

She shares her house and studio in Sorrento with her partner and a colourful animal menagerie consisting of a cat, a dog, seven gold fish, two finches and a free range herd of geckoes, all of which have influenced this exhibition. But her first love, and also where she started her career is fashion. She transitioned to art and in recent years came full circle by introducing some of the fashion elements to her art practice.

“This is my interpretation of similarities, differences, quirks and compositions … that represent my current view on human to human, human to animal and animal to animal relationships,” she said.

“After all we all feel the same emotions and pain, no matter what the skin we are in.”

Her ambition and her ability to work with these different mediums is part of what makes Erica’s art so intriguing.

“I suppose it is a bit indulgent in a way trying to control three very different mediums, but it allows for so much more expressions,” Erica said. “Sculpture is in your face and in your space; I enjoy its boldness, and its subtleness. Painting is peaceful and almost always takes me to a happy place, while the stitched works are a relatively new addition to my art family. It too has its own voice, often one that ties and unites the narrative between sculpture and paint.”

Combining these mediums and switching effortlessly from one to another gives her art a contemporary edge and uniqueness that lingers in your mind long after you have left the exhibition.

It is no wonder that this busy artist has a long list of accomplishments varying from winning her section in the World of Wearable Art in Wellington, New Zealand to solo exhibitions in the Tweed River Regional gallery and the Gold Coast City Art gallery as well as exhibiting in Sculpture by the Sea in Sydney and Swell Sculpture Festival on the Gold Coast.

This spring seems busier than ever though. You can see Erica’s art not only in the Lorraine Pilgrim gallery in Southport but also in September at the 2nd Tamworth Textile Triennale in Tamworth Regional Gallery, in November at the Noosa Regional Gallery and her finalist garments at the World of Wearable Art in Wellington, New Zealand which opens in the end of September.

Watch this space for the second installment of our story on Erica and the wonderland of wearable art!

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The Skin We Are In is open until end of October at the Lorraine Pilgrim Gallery, 87 Ridgeway Avenue, Southport.



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