The Sound of Banana Sundays

May saw the first of Banana Sundays take place in Miami. Think chill, think sun filled lazy weekends, delicious ice-cream treats (or banana sundaes if you like), killer sounds and sweet, sweet company. That is what Banana Sundays at The Walls contemporary artspace are about. These performances are curated in much the same way as an exhibition whilst actually being creative collaborations of visual artists and musicians to dream up weird and wonderful programs to surprise and delight in equal measures.

“We wanted to create a new social event for The Walls that would be fun and convivial with interesting music at its core,” said Danni Zuvela from The Walls. “We conceived Banana Sundays as a small gig series, which would be a platform for this fun communion and encompass all those excellent and interesting sounds happening in contemporary music – electronic, experimental, electro-acoustic, vaporwave, poptimism and more. A lot of contemporary artists make music too, so we thought the crossover between visual and audio practice could be good to explore.”

The first Banana Sunday brought the sounds of X in O, Brainbeau and Dust Storm Jogger. Kat Martian is X in O, a maximal musician and video artist and this Banana Sunday was the official launch of her new album. Chelvis Chesley is Dust Storm Jogger and is one of the best producers, musicians and DJs in Brisbane. Together they form the duo Brainbeau.

Brainbeau has been described as sounding “something like the lovechild of Detroit and Chicago meet Warp in a Skwee-themed New Wave Kraut bar deep in the subtropical jungle.” A bit curious? Enticed to book the date of the next event in your smartphone yet? They were placed to pique your curiosity, show you a good time and entice you to come back and I believe this is exactly what happened. “Come for the Music, Stay for the Art” as they say on Banana Sundays.

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