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Josh and Kara Hamilton launched Gold Coast photography, film and video production company The Edit Suite just last year and have already built quite a name for themselves creating everything from high-end TV commercials to lower-budget brand and promotional videos. They chatted to Samantha Morris about some of the weirder projects they’ve worked on as well as what makes a good music video.

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Tell me about some of the stranger jobs you’ve worked on? 

We recently finished some web videos for Virgin Mobile that were definitely random. One of the videos included a guy trying to do a testimonial on a rollercoaster at full speed while surrounded by seven drag queens… another included a 4x4m wide coloured ball pit of full with puppies and another guy trying to do a testimonial. Weird.

You don’t just work on the Gold Coast – tell me about some of the other places you’ve been?

We fly nationally all of the time. A few months back we headed to Perth for an Uber shoot then the next week we flew to Victoria for the Deakin Uni Student Association to create a video campaign petitioning to save Deakin University’s regional tertiary campus in Warrnambool. We love helping people share their stories in the most engaging way possible and being able to travel to all sorts of different places to do this really excites us. Of course our favorite place is the Goldy though!!

You’re pretty passionate about supporting the local cultural scene and volunteered your time this year to film the Gold Coast Music Awards. What makes the cultural scene here so unique?

I think the Gold Coast has the best culture in Australia as well as some of the most talented musicians, sportspeople, creatives and more. It’s amazing the talent that is bred here and it always blows me away. I think it’s because we have such an amazing climate. The weather is so good all the time, so much that is keeps ya spirits up. The people that live here long-term are generally so chilled and always just want to be having a good time surfing, skating, playing music and hanging out. It’s a pretty epic place to live really.

Who are some of your favourite GC bands?

I love listening to all types of music from punk, metal, rap to blues, folk or funk. I’m a drummer myself so have a big appreciation for everything. When I saw Hanlon Brothers do their thing at the music awards that was pretty cool. The guys in the Lamplights are all amazing. Tokyo Beef! Descent are badass. There’s so many good bands here though.

How do you balance wanting to support grassroots creative projects but also the reality of a lot of those projects having zero budget for things like video? 

We love to try and help people out wherever we can to reduce costs but when it comes to budgets for video production or photography people just need to look at what they want to get out of their production. Video is so important for brands, companies and bands now more than ever and it always comes back to the saying that you have to spend money to make it. If people are not prepared to invest money in professional videographers or photographers then their clients or fans will see that and may judge them on that. Most people these days realise that a professional video is hard to create without preparation and experience so our industry is thriving more than ever.

What’s your advice to someone seeking professional video or photography services?

Get in touch with a company or person who’s work you really love and that would suit your style or brand. Let that company know what sort of budget you have to work with and see what is realistic. Who knows, your idea might actually be quite straight forward and may not cost too much. It’s the same with any profession when it comes to working for free though, everyone has bills to pay!

What makes for good video when it comes to music?

Most bands consist of at least a couple of crew that are creative in thinking up ideas. Anything goes when it comes to music videos. I still prefer music videos that in some way relate to the lyrics in a slightly obvious way but are still random enough to keep people guessing and wanting to watch it again to see if they pick anything else up. Some videos are even based around one line of a song which is cool.

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The Edit Suite is based in Miami. More at


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