The Travelling Yogi

Who doesn’t love a good holiday? We may want to take a break from a lot of things but what if we want to keep up our yoga practice? It is really helpful to do a bit of yoga while you’re on the road to unwind the kinks in the body from all of that sitting in planes, trains and automobiles. Having just come back from a trip, I thought I’d give a few insights into how you can practice while on the road.

Let go of how much you think you’re going to do yoga, unless you are going on a yoga retreat. I told myself it would be every day while I was away! After all, I would have all the time in the world right? Wrong. Between late finishes and some early starts there were days when in it really just wasn’t going to happen, and that’s ok.

If you are not confident with teaching yourself, or your memory is not so great, then download a few of your favourite classes. I do mean download too. So many places have really bad internet service, you would never get the class to run smoothly by trying to stream.

Take a mat with you, for a couple of reasons. The chances of finding one on the road, depending on where you are, are slim. Also, if you’re like me, if you take something with you then you will use it just to prove it was worth bringing it!

Scope the room, foyer, gym and grounds of the place you are staying for potential space. I was sharing a room with a non-yogi friend so the room was out of the question to roll out the mat. I used an empty space to the edge of the restaurant in one hotel, a little extra balcony of communal space, the deck of the restaurant and space in the gym during my time away. Get creative with it; sometimes you also score an epic view while you practice too!

Do whatever you feel you need and whatever you have time for as you go. Have a great, bendy holiday.


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