Local blues band The Vultures are stopping home tonight at Coolangatta Hotel on their way to Melbourne touring their new single, Walkholme City, which you can check out here. Their blues-driven tracks have quickly gathered praise, with triple J Super User Kristy Barker desperately wishing that she could play Walkholme City on Guitar Hero. Each track The Vultures have features a killer guitar riff with tight drums that drive the song to new heights, and it would be your loss if you didn’t turn up tonight.

Tonight’s show sees Smoking Martha, Kip Casper and The Maslows supporting the band before they play Yamba tomorrow night. We caught Smoking Martha at Winternights last year, and they were awesome. More on that here. Tickets are at the door for a measly $10, and you’d be supporting some of the best local bands around the Coast. Former Angels guitarist and vocalist Ryan Murr claims that The Vultures always finish their set with the stage covered in ladies’ underwear, courtesy of the crowd, but you’ll have to be there yourself to verify that.

One of their earlier singles, Shot Me Down, was the track that got me into The Vultures, and after annihilating the competition at countless Battle of the Bands and touring relentlessly, the band has nailed their live aesthetic to ensure that the crowd will never go unsatisfied. Walkholme City is more of a restrained track from the band, but manages to keep the groove that is characteristic of their sound. The fraying guitar notes that fill the verse flicker introspectively before building up into a perfectly composed guitar solo reminiscent of Cream and the 1960’s.

Join the event here for more details.

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