As a part of ‘The Way It Should Be’ series, Stone & Wood’s latest film follows fifth generation wood sniffer, Andy Ceglinski from sawmill to surf.

Andy runs his own environmentally conscious timber business in Byron, and the film tells the story of his love for wood and how he uses it to craft quality surfboards. A family friend coined the term “wood sniffer” as a way of describing people like Andy, whose eyes light up when they spot a piece of timber. Wood sniffers run their hands tenderly along the fibres and you can see the satisfaction when they take a big ol’ whiff. They have a grounded passion and appreciation in the potential of transforming a piece of local wood into something special.

“It seemed like such a rewarding idea to be able to mill the wood and hand craft this board then surf it,” says Andy. “It’s a combination of all the things I love.”

“There’s nothing you really can’t do with wood, if you like working with your hands and being creative, it’s an amazing material to work with.”

Andy’s sustainable approach is not to make a heap of surfboards to sell and pocket millions of dollars. He’d rather enjoy the experience of making a quality product, and he’d be stoked if he could after it all, make a humble living from it.

“Like any good honourable business, we’re trying to do good things for the community and for the environment.”

‘The Way It Should Be’ series profiles people who’ve gravitated to the Northern Rivers for a more conscious lifestyle. It tells the stories of locals and their connection to the local community, the environment and their craft.

Watch Andy’s humbling story through his approach to doing business and how he sees his responsibility as a leader in the community. The Way It Should Be: The Wood Sniffer is available now on Vimeo.

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