The Wayward Suns: Shifting Back Into Focus

The last time we had a natter with Gold Coast cosmic groove merchants The Wayward Suns, they’d just detonated their highly impressive debut platter, ‘Paradigm’, which saw the band nominated in the prestigious ‘album of the year’ category at the 2018 Gold Coast Music Awards.

Since then, the band have been on an ever-upwards trajectory, from triumphing at Australia’s largest ‘battle of the bands’ competition to turning up on bills with some of Australia’s most dynamic artists, including Sneaky Sound System, Melbourne Ska Orchestra and the Gold Coast’s very own Electrik Lemonade.

Which brings us to the release of their brand spanking new single, ‘Real Shift’, a defiant shout out-out against the rampant consumer/capitalist paradigm of our times. Check out our New Music column for a full run down on the new number.

The track serves as a precursor to an upcoming new album. In the lead up, we nabbed an enlightened chat with the bands MC/DJ, Instinct the Lyricist.

When do you expect the new album to be out? And is there anything you can reveal about it?

As we gaze deep into the hidden haze of our crystal ball which sits before us at Love Street Studios, the reflection from the glass in the booth whispers a subtle sweet sound – 2020. All vision is 20-20 in hindsight. The album won’t be early, it won’t be late, yet it will arrive right on time as all good wizardry does. Listeners can expect a vivid spectrum of sound, sonically emitting hues of blues, the effervescent green roots of reggae and the infrared resonance of rock infused with the indigo of conscious hip-hop.

Does the band have a preference when it comes to laying it down in the studio vs busting out your jams live?

Great question, currently we are in the midst of that perplexing puzzle. Most of our creative tracks have had that bottled ‘jam magic’ right from the moment we breathe life into them. However there have been moments where the haze clears and we awake at the base camp of a mountain magic and wander down our musical cross road, and call to the four elements of the unbiased engineering ear. This is always a humbly welcoming experience, many hands make light work, no challenge.

What next for The Wayward Suns for the rest of 2019 and beyond?

We’ll be independently sticking to our plan – doin’ it and representing the Real Shift the only way we know, loving everybody.

The Wayward Suns ‘Real Shift’ live music launch shows have the support of some of the East Coast’s finest underground acts such as Katie Who, Masterwolf, Lemaire and Flaskas to name a few. The Real Shift single launch party kicks off in Brisbane on 9 August at the Woolly Mammoth.


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