The Wayward Suns Go Yeah Nah With Vibrant New Single

Musical cosmic-ologists The Wayward Suns are one of the Gold Coasts’ most dynamic and inventive indie-roots outfits, concocting a uniquely vibrant rap-blues-soul amalgamation of intoxicating proportions.

Case in point is their euphoric new number, ‘Yeah Nah’, an anthemic ear worm with a rousingly good-time gang-chant of a chorus guaranteed to swell your heart and crack a smile on your dial. Be sure to check out our review of the track as part of the July edition of the magazine.

To support the release of the single, the band will shortly be treading the boards for a run of live performances, including a sure to be rapturously received slot at the Miami Marketta on July 17, where they’ll be performing together with a 26-piece youth choir!

To mark the occasion of their cracking new track and pending shows, we recently got the yeah-nah lowdown from Wayward-legend Kane Fogarty (aka Instinct The Lyricist, the band’s MC/DJ).

Can you put us in the picture on the inspiration behind your killer new track, ‘Yeah Nah’ and how it came together?

Thanks! It’s been fun bringing this track to life. It started as a fireside chorus after a deep conversation surrounding a play on the words “Yeah nah”, which often echoes throughout our community.

The melody actually came on a workday after a labourer answered “yeah nah” to a question I’d asked. In the following days, after jamming with a couple of the boys, the structure fell into place around an acoustic freestyle we were having, which became the bones of the track that lays before us. Did we like it? Yeah over nah for sure haha!

Did you record any other new material at the same time that you were working on ‘Yeah Nah’? And can we expect to see a new album or EP on the horizon in 2021?

Yeah nah we did actually – haha sorry! The phrase is so versatile. At the same time as organising a film clip and recording ‘Yeah Nah’ we’ve been on the grind and also squeezed out another new track called ‘Mountain To Move’. It’ll be released exclusively on the B side of a rare translucent coloured 7 inch vinyl as a double release, available for all the beautiful Wayward fans from 16 July. ‘Yeah Nah’ will also be released digitally on all forums.

Your music displays a lot of depth and diversity and it can’t be easy bringing all of the elements of your sound together in a catchy and harmonious way. As a creative collective how do you go about channelling the multi-faceted approach you display in your songcraft?

Like I was told as a younger human, K. I. S. S. – Keep it simple stupid haha! You need a simple foundation to build off. Put down the bones, then add the muscles and nerves and bring it to life by following how it feels. More than just thinking about it, we feel it out. And if we feel it, chances are, hopefully most people will too.

To support the new single you’ve also lined up a bunch of live dates taking in Queensland and NSW. And I see that you’ve got the Gold Coast Youth Choir onboard for the Marketta show! Was this undertaken to bring to life the rousing chorus of ‘Yeah Nah’?

Yes! We can’t wait for these shows coming up. Big shout out to Anthony and the amazingly talented youth of the Gold Coast Choir. It was just a simple reach out, and swiftly they jumped right on board and we’re ready to hit the stage with 26 talented youth already singing multi layered harmonies like a bunch of little angels!

Who else have you got onboard for these shows?

For these shows we’ll have the humbling support of ‘East Ghoast’, a Gold Coast underground hip-hop group consisting of the members Scopes (Kale Driscoll), Elixir (Eli Erueti) and Slowth (Aaron Griffin).  Their specialty is beaming ‘Conscious Rap’ to the collective, co-constructing tight tracks while delivering thought provoking and positive messages. Expect to be moved through their storytelling and intricate lyricism, as well as getting down and vibing to some catchy, coastal East Ghoast beats.

Also supporting the Wayward fam is our beloved brother in artistry, The Lyrical, who’ll be joining our South East Queensland shows with his roots, reggae and hip-hop flavours and commanding vocal presence that will leave you wanting more every time. We’ve also got our newest Wayward addition, Jay, on second electric guitar, straight outta the Caribbean, with tasty complimentary feels and skills for dayz – it’s going to be epic!

The Wayward Suns rousing new single, ‘Yeah Nah’, is via all major streaming platforms. And keep an eye out for the upcoming translucent red 7 inch vinyl release, which will be available from 17 July (coinciding with the second drop of Record Store Day 2021) via the bands website and at Beatniks Records in Broadbeach.

Their upcoming local show at Miami Marketta is also happening on 17 July, where they’ll be supported by The Lyrical and East Ghoast and accompanied by the Gold Coast Youth Choir.

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