The Wayward Suns: Singing The Booty Electric

Cosmic groove-fusion merchants The Wayward Suns are a collective whose blazing, good times vibe is on the rapid ascension across the local music landscape.

The roots-centric, eclectic five piece recently dropped their ambitiously wide screen debut album, ‘Paradigm’, which we’ve also reviewed.

Anthony Gebhardt fired off a few questions to the guys as they headed back to the Gold Coast, fresh from dazzling North Queensland audiences and taking out the coveted first spot at the Airlie Beach Festival of Music’s Battle of the Bands competition!

Can you tell us a bit about history of the band?

It all started about three years ago, when Brad Kennedy (vocalist) and Jesse Lopez (guitarist) were randomly re-united after not catching up for the best part of a decade. There so happened to be a couple of guitars around, so we picked them up and the music just clicked into place. We decided to have a jam and Brad bought along a friend of his called Kane Fogarty AKA Instinct the lyricist. Turns out Instinct is an amazing hip hop artist. We played gigs all around the Gold Coast in this three piece formation for almost two years. Something was always missing however, and that was drums and bass. The bass slot was eventually filled by the multi-talented soulful shogun Peter Korzuch, and the jazz funk drum patterns were cranked out by the skin slappin’ Sunil “Sunny” Noronha.

Can you tell us a bit about the genesis of your debut album, ‘Paradigm’?

‘Paradigm’ is an album fused by five suns unifying the juxtaposition of various coastal musical backgrounds. This difference really shines through in the structure and timbre of every track. Lyrical prose speaks on passionate paradigm shifts of our presence, which walks tall towards the frontier hand in hand accompanied by blazing mojo anti-depressant melodies. Writing the songs was a long process, each track morphing with each live performance until the perfect version was struck. Once we had enough songs we booked in at the excellent Love Street Studios in Currumbin. Scotty French is the ninja producer there and he put his musical stamp all over the album, together with the fine tuning of engineer Paul Blakey, from 12th Vine & Post Broadbeach.

What is the most memorable gig you’ve played so far?

Without a doubt it was the Airlie Beach Festival of Music, which we got to attend after winning the Gold Coast Passport to Airlie Competition. This gave us the opportunity to go up there and represent the Gold Coast in the largest battle of the bands in Australia. After playing the final gig they announced us as the grand final winners. It was a huge moment for us and an unforgettable gig that lit up hearts and minds in the tropics.

Do you have a favourite live music venue on the Gold Coast?

Currumbin Creek Tavern is always a massive supporter of local music, so is Parkwood Tavern, but I’d have to give our favourite to Miami Marketta. It’s such a good vibe there and they are always supporting our local music scene.

Are there any other bands on the Gold coast you particularly dig?

There are so many great local bands. Dreams Of Indigo are super unique and smooth as silk. Salt And Steel are an amazing rootsy duo. Electrik Lemonade have the soulful, up-rocking rhythms. Mistram are a dynamic duo of powerful harmonies. Then there’s Dogtags, Daneel And The Feel, Paging Jimi. We are family – musicians that support each other and push each other to become better musicians and better people in this wayward world. We could go on and on… it goes to show how rich with talent the Gold Coast is!

Any gigs in coming months?

The Wayward Suns will be blazing a back to back with Electrik Lemonade for their 7th year birthday party at Miami Marketta, Saturday 9 December, it’s going to get waywardly eletrikfied wild!

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