The Wright kind of soul

Simon Wright is well known among the Australian live music community.

Pumping out his unique fusion of funk rhythms, hip hop vocals and jazz finesse he’s been playing his blues inspired urban soul for almost ten years now.

“Organic music should be a staple in everyone’s audible diet,” Wright says.

The beaten old nylon string guitar that has become a familiar icon on the Simon Wright stage was given to him by his father at the young age of twelve and since then Simon has been developing a style of his own.

The band is made up of Simon and childhood friend Shane Evans.

Simon then calls on a variety of talent that he has worked with over the years for the live performance, including whenever possible, his father Dave Wright on lead guitar.

The talent is always world class and the freedom means that every show is different.

You can catch the Simon Wright Band live at Sharks Southport, 3 January 2014.

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