They can be heroes

Green Heroes, focused on young people aged three to seven, aims to actively engage children in hands-on environmental learning.

We believe every child has the power to make a significant impact on the environment and conservation,” founder Sarah Jantos about the new organisation. “In a time when environmental news is often not good news, Green Heroes focuses on positive empowerment.”

With a big-picture goal of connecting young people and their families with nature, the organisation launched last month with a coast care activity and planted more than 60 trees.

Sarah says that in order to protect and conserve, kids must first develop a love of the natural world which is “best achieved through hands-on activities that are fun and educational.”

“They grow sensitive to the intricate weavings and connection of all all living things,” she said.

“Children are inspired beings, and hands-on activities such as beach clean-ups are a great way for parents to harness the energy of their children towards something positive,” she said of the group’s launch.

“Focusing on the outdoors and spending time in the natural world is calming and soothing for all of us, and having a reason to do this with your family also gives children (and adults) a sense of purpose.”

The group gathers their Green Heroes on one Sunday a month, with July’s gathering at Fingal Head Surf Club. That event takes place Sunday 24 July with Rainbow Eagle, an Indigenous storyteller and dancer performing as part of the program. Bookings are essential. 

Sarah said that the big Green Heroes project was more about hands-on protection and conservation in northern NSW.

“We are working on raising enough to purchase a large property that will remain forever protected,” she said. “This will also become a wildlife release site and a green heroes sanctuary that will hold retreats for children and their families.”

The groups upcoming activities include ocean ecology, nesting boxes and worm farms. 

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Green Heroes, 24 July at Fingal Head Surf Club from 10.00am

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