Things Change in a good way for NZ duo Alae

Auckland two piece, Alae, have been gaining momentum in New Zealand following the release of their self titled debut EP last year. Now it’s Australia’s turn to get to know the guys from NZ’s largest city.  Latest single Things Change, “Is a song that revolves around the monotonous melancholy that surrounds the buildup to a break up. The crux of the piece being learn, don’t wallow” says vocalist Alex Farrell-Davey. Blank caught up with Alex Farrell-Davey to garner some more insightful break up advice he might like to share.


Your latest single, Things Change is about a breakup, was it difficult to write?

Things Change isn’t specifically about a breakup, it’s more about taking a step back from the overwhelming emotions that surround a break up. It’s a really difficult process, and can be generally very consuming.  Understanding that feeling made the writing of the song flow very naturally. Maybe because of my stubborn disposition on the subject; I didn’t feel like changing anything.
What would you like the listener to get out of Things Change?
The message that I’d love to share is that pain, having to make hard decisions, and that inevitability, are out of our control. However, the way in which we process it, and how we allow it to affect us is our decision. So let it be your decision.
Did you collaborate when coming up with the initial idea, or did you have the vision already? 
We collaborated with the awesome team at Commotion LTD. The brains and the Braun behind the video was Mikee Carpinter. Without his, and the teams help, we wouldn’t have really known where to go visually. We didn’t want a video that was too cliché, and so we’re both really happy with the concept they delivered. As well as the final product!
Are there any Australian artists you’d love to collaborate with?
Matt Corby and Tame Impala would be pretty up there at the moment, we really love what they’re doing. Tame Impala have that effortless coolness thing going on, and Matt Corby’s vocals mixed with his new band is so slick, his drummer is super tight. They have both done an amazing job with their most recent releases, even to play a show with them would be a treat.
Who were your inspirations growing up?
Josh Rouse, Andrew Bird, Wilco, Mel Tormé, Phil Spector, Carol King, Bob Dylan, Ryan Adams, Billy Holiday, The Jayhawks, The Kings of Convenience, Sun Kil Moon, Bon Iver, Beirut, The Fleet Foxes, The XX, Feist
How did you two start making music together?
Allister became the cajon / trumpet / piano accordion player for a three piece, college band we were a part of.
We listened to similar music, and wrote well together. A few years after college, we got back in contact and started our current project Alae.
Do you both write the lyrics and the music?
Alex writes the lyrics, and usually the initial music. He creates the structure for most songs. Allister interprets the songs, then provides alternate chord vocals and progressions. He also creates harmonies and helps with the instrumentation of the tracks.
Has music always been your main focus? 
Music has always been a huge part of both of our lives. During our childhoods, our education and now, we have both been, and are still, so immersed in music. But, now more than ever I think that music is definitely our main focus.
Has there been a particular moment when creating music, or playing that’s most memorable?
Playing at Rhythm and Vines last new years was a pretty awesome experience, we’d love to play it again sometime. In regards to creating music, when a session drummer of ours, Richard Oor, put the drum track down on our song The Kindest Love was a pretty great feeling. It had a certain authenticity, that I think adds so much to the song.
Listen to Things Change below

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