From a dusty conversation born deep in the Nevada Desert to a Burleigh Heads reality, This Is Art announces their second event in collaboration with Mint Art House.

Please note: this article was recently published with an original date of 10 April, but it has now been bumped to 22 May due to COVID restrictions.

This is Art, the newly founded events company, is all about providing unique spaces and experiences for artists and creatives in all senses – alongside embracing the culture that is consistently thriving on the Gold Coast.

“Based on a love of experience, the idea of combining those elements; sight sound and feel, into a sensory showcase was formed….and with that, This Is Art was born,” said Gus Irwin, the founder of This Is Art.

For their first show of 2021 they are starting with something a little bit different by teaming up with local friends, and co-creatives Mint Art House.

Made up of a family-like group of diverse talent and ideas, Mint Art House brings an all-inclusive energy wherever they go – because that is what it is all about, being open and ready for new perspectives, and having an indubitably good time while they are it.

Among the artists involved is Nat Popovski. One of the founders of Mint Art House, Nat possesses an incredible ability to bring the more subtle parts of daily life to life, exploring the ordinary with an extraordinary eye, exposing the bigger picture through her unique craft.

Another is mural artist Shmick, known for his large-scale pieces which are inspired predominantly by nature. Using a beautiful blend of expressionism, surrealism and realism, his work transports you.

Local artist Owlet will also bring her magical ways to the event. Her undeniable link with Australian culture is predominant in her pieces, from distinctive landscapes to lost communities.

The full lineup of Mint Art House artists includes the likes of Shmick, CRT, Dion Parker, Owlet, Nat Popovski, Steve Gormon, Camille Manley, Ella May Fitzgerald, Emily Rose Hastie, Georgina Lamperd, Thea Skelsey, Dean Brocket and Lucy Moore.

So, what can you expect at This Is Art’s Gold Coast event? Put simply: the unexpected.

“We work hard to curate each event differently. The venue, music, and everything in between is all tailored to suit the aesthetic of the artists,” said Gus.

Throughout the evening, all the Mint artists involved will draw from the Arcana Major tarot card deck and then paint a live piece of their interpretation of the card. Once complete, the paintings will be hung and exhibited in an unusual manner around the venue, alongside some of the artists’ original works displayed, with all works available for purchase at the event.

‘Arcana’ Coast will be accompanied by an epic soundtrack from the likes of Here’s Johnny, Just Jessie, Latour, Chrome Capital, Mosaic, and a GC favourite Shimmy Disco.

Immersive experience ‘Arcana’ takes place on Saturday 22 May from 4pm at 55 West Burleigh Road, Burleigh Heads. Tickets start from $35, with local food truck and an on-site bar. The event is environmentally responsible and single use plastic free.

Tickets are available through EventBrite. Visit for more.

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