Throw an eco-friendly xmas party

We all know what Christmas means: too much to eat, too much to drink, friends, family and fun times.

Unfortunately it also means waste.  Plastic plates, cups and party decorations. Well not this year. This year we are going to plan a party using the 4 Rs!

Reduce | Reuse | Recycle | Really Awesome ideas for making old new

REDUCE the plastic!  Actually let’s just get rid of it altogether. Using plastic plates and cups once and throwing them out is like slapping Mother Nature in face and no one wants to do that! Those plastic bits end up in landfill and generally speaking never, ever degrade. They break into miniscule particles and end up in our waterways and oceans.

So we have a few options here depending on what is being served at the party.

The easiest option is make finger food: no plates necessary!!  Recycled paper or cloth napkins and we’re on our way!

Lighting is important.  When possible (obviously during the day) natural light is best.  But if the party goes into the night try using some solar powered light sources to keep your emissions down. Charge during the day and light the porch or room beautifully and really set the party mood.

When you’re storing leftovers go with glass jars or Tupperware containers and avoid gladwrap or buying new storage containers (seriously, who doesn’t already have a cupboard full of these anyway).

REUSE: If it is a barbecue or you want to go a little kitchy, go down to the local salvos and buy up all their odd plates.  Cheap as chips and the mismatch looks excellent! Dye old sheets and use as table cloth. Avoid buying new things just for a one-off celebration. Buy quality the first time and use them for eternity. Plates, cutlery, linen, whatever.

RECYCLED: The best way to avoid unnecessary waste is to send out electronic invites. However; If you still feel the need for paper invitations, use recycled paper or tree free paper.  Another fun option is seed paper, which is made from recycled materials and embedded with seeds.  When planted, the paper will simultaneously grow flowers while making sure the paper decomposes naturally.

Really awesome ideas: When catering for the event try to stay organic and local.  Organic because it’s free of unhealthy, environmentally damaging chemicals.  Local (which means from local growers – not your local grocery store) because every time you support local farms, you help avoid the emissions created when transporting food long distances.  This also extends to beer, wine, and liquor.  Hit the nearby farmers market when buying supplies, look for locally made beverages, or order from organic companies.

Go easy on the quantity. There’s nothing like wasted food to spell “I’ve missed the point of xmas entirely”. Under-cater. Trust me, this won’t be the only meal your guests have over the festive season. Go for food items that will keep. A leg of ham will go a full month in the fridge. A tray of mangoes is an awesome addition to the xmas table and will keep for a while (or you can freeze the pulp for smoothies which will keep for months too).

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