TIKI Taane | Acoustic Mashup Tour

Tiki Taane, effectively dubbed the New Zealand ‘King of The Dubs’ is set to make his mark on the Australian music scene this March with his Acoustic Mashup Tour, affectionately referred to as the Tiki Tour by his fans.

Having spent 24 crazy years immersed in an ever-changing and unstable industry, Tiki has remained true to his unique blend of dubstep, reggae, and contemporary rock/pop, hitting Double Platinum with his single Always on My Mind in 2007 and continuing to have his name etched into the New Zealand Music Charts with further singles and album releases.

It all started in 1991 for Tiki. It was a Legalise Marijuana gig in Christchurch and our man was 15 years old. “My band was called Cultivation… I remember being so excited [and I] had the best time of my life, even though we played mostly to our mates in a half empty room. I don’t think I would change a thing, it was perfect.”

He continued to bring his unique spin to music as a member of Dub/Reggae band Salmonella Dub until the year 2007 when he embarked on his solo career, with a few collaborations with other artists and musicians on the side. In his latest album With Strings Attached, Tiki is supported by Shape Shifter, and an 18-piece orchestra, in a live recording at Wellington’s Old St Paul’s Cathedral. The album takes listeners on a journey that shows off Tiki’s ability to transcend musical genres and integrate his contemporary style with those of classical music to create a stunning musical masterpiece. As Tiki told us, he loves the feeling he gets when he hears something so awesome it simply must be made and played.

“That’s what really influences me when it comes to mashing up all those styles… That whole experience of recording a live album in front of an audience [and] film crew inside a church with a string orchestra [and] Kapa Haka group was overwhelmingly awesome and scary. But I loved every moment [and] I’m so happy that it was captured.”

This is what Tiki hopes to bring to his Australian Tour, “Bro, I’m doing something that not many are trying, all live on the spot, on edge kind of stuff.”

On embracing the Australian music scene, Tiki says he is excited for us Aussies to witness his styles and live performances.

“Well I don’t actually know if the Australian scene even know I exist to be honest. I don’t have distribution [and] I doubt my music gets played much on TV or Radio, but in saying that I continue to sell out shows year after year. So if there are any Aussies out there in the scene who wanna’ get down with my shizzle then I will gladly [and] happily embrace you!”

So Australia, get ready this March for Tiki Taane, his guitar, his loop pedal, and epic live mash ups and remixes of everything that Tiki has to offer.


Brisbane | Woolly Mammoth | March 13

Gold Coast | Miami Marketta | March 15

Byron Bay | The Northern | March 19


See more tour dates and details on Tiki Taane Tikidub Productions Facebook Page


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