Tim Rogers to kick things old school in new live show

The iconic radio host goes from a Liquid Lunch to Liquid Nights in a new live theatrical show, coming to HOTA, Home of the Arts in August.

Louche DJ, musician, author and radio host Tim Rogers (of Double J’s ‘Liquid Lunch’ programme), is ditching the studio for the stage to host a brand-new live and legendary show – Liquid Nights in Bohemia Heights.

Live at HOTA on August 11, Tim Rogers’ Liquid Nights in Bohemia Heights is set to be full of live action in all its shambolic analogue glory, with a host of special guests and proceedings, encouraging audience participation throughout.

Brimming with special guest interviews, live music and performances, iconic ‘spots’ and ‘segments’, philosophical quandaries and more, the show promises to be a thinking person’s theatre and comedy rolled into one.

Tim chatted to us about why he wanted to step back onto the live stage for a bit.

“It’s a concept that’s intrigued me for a while now, and any opportunity you get to display your work is a privilege. Bohemia Heights is actually a metaphor for where I live in Melbourne also, so I thought it might be fun to take the show elsewhere.”

Special guests joining the team will be Astrid Jorgensen, the driving force behind Pub Choir; popular radio and television personality, Patience Hodgson, who for over a decade was the commanding frontwoman and co-songwriter of Brisbane’s indie band, The Grates; as well as a possible mystery guest or two. Tim explains why he chose the crew he did.

“We chose people who interest me and who I think will understand the concept of Bohemia Heights and want to join in. I do like to have people on the show I’m not friends with. Astrid and the other guests all have got a strong sense of bonhomie.”

Together with broadcasting legend and trusty sidekick, Jonnie Von Goes, and live foley work by Tony Award nominated sound designer, Russel Goldsmith, Tim will bring to life the Double J radio show that audiences know and love.

Tim and his cohorts will host ninety minutes of magic and mayhem that personifies old-time radio, as the stage transforms into a traditional studio setup with microphones, box back suits, ancient advertorial carts, fluro lighting, bakelite telephones and a turntable.

“Bohemia Heights is a fictional place,” explains Tim. “It’s a faux radio show set in a fictional part of the country and so it’s very scripted and quite wordy, it’s a theatre piece really.

“I really wanted to have something that was quiet and thoughtful and absurd, a mix between the Goon Show and Prairie Home Companion, that’s the only way I could put it.

I wanted to meld the very beautiful with the very macabre and absurd.

Liquid Nights in Bohemia Heights has already packed out shows in Melbourne and Sydney, and although it’s a scripted piece, Tim claims that it morphs into something slightly different each time.

“It grows incrementally after each performance and allows each performer to spread themselves. I think the secret to doing anything in an ensemble is to work with people you enjoy and fascinate you and it’s the case with this one.”

And as for the audience reactions so far?

“Complete bemusement!” Tim laughs.

“It’s the kind of show I thought ‘if 40% of people get it, that would have far exceed what I thought.’ I don’t like to condescend to audiences, even when I do musical stuff, I’m very aware of my limitations as a performer but I like to battle a bit and create things of beauty, but not perhaps what people would expect. I prefer to treat an audience with respect, write things that are intriguing and funny and beautiful, and that’s worked with this, because I feel [from the crowd] is a lot of affection and a lot of beauty.”

Tim Roger’s brings Liquid Nights in Bohemia Heights to HOTA’s stage on Sunday 11th August at 6pm. For more information, visit the HOTA website. Head over to our Facebook page before 2 August to enter the draw for a double pass to the show.


NOTE: A previous version of this article stated that Phil Jamieson would be at the event, however he has been forced to cancel.

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