Time stands still for Mitch King

Mitch King is a prodigiously talented multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter hailing from the Gold Coast. Traversing a musical realm both rootsy and rocking, Mitch just brought out a kick-arse new single, ‘Time Stands Still’. It’s a song about appreciating life’s simpler pleasures, which we’ve reviewed in the New Music column of this month’s magazine.

To celebrate its release, Mitch is hitting the road in his trusty camper van throughout March, and will be playing a local show at Vinnies Dive on Thursday, 12 March.

In the lead up we fired him off a few questions.

Congratulations on the new single, ‘Time Stands Still’.  Is the new single a precursor to more new music and maybe a new album?   And if so, is the sound of ‘Time Stands Still’ indicative of how this new material is shaping up?

Thank you. ‘Time Stands Still’ is one of multiple singles planned for release this year. Whilst the song will have a familiar feel to my previous music it also takes the listener into a different direction.

The other planned singles will have a larger variety of styles, with ‘Time Stands Still’ being the rawest sounding of all the songs.

Can you describe what the song is about for us?

‘Time Stands Still’ was written at a point in my life where I was feeling frustrated, and not where I wanted to be. I took my time and acknowledged the way I felt about things, and I realised that life’s not a race, it’s about enjoying the journey, kind of like a good road trip. Smell the roses and live life without the self-inflicted pressure that one can put on oneself.

One of your earlier singles, ‘Coming Back’, was adopted by the Green Bay Packers football team! How did this come about – I imagine it must have been quite surreal!?

My manager received an email out of the blue. Apparently, the team’s football coach was a big fan of the song after he heard it on Pandora Radio. Their publicity team then got in contact with us and the rest is history. The song got played live at their stadium, at their open season game and was shared on all their social platforms. What a buzz! I was very stoked.

I understand you have your own personal tour bus, aka travelling motor home. I’m figuring this must be a very adventurous way to see the countryside while playing your music?

Spot on.  It is a great way to see the country and often cost effective too. A lot of the time its easier to fly but when I want to have access to all my guitars, surfboard etc then the van is the best option.

You’ve toured with a range of interesting artists, including rising pop star Tones And I (who you share a busking background with). What was that experience like?

Yes, we were fellow Byron Bay Buskers. It was great to support her at one of her shows last year.  I’m very happy to witness her career explode and wish her every success.

What’s the most memorable gig you’ve played to date?

This is a question I always struggle with as its very difficult to single out just one memorable experience. Rather than singling out one gig I’d have to say that selling out my own headline shows is definitely up there, along with supporting “America the Band” on their Australian National Tour in late 2019.  Being invited to perform on stage with the band when they performed their encore “Horse with no Name”, was amazing and definitely an experience that I will never forget – plus they are all really nice fellas.

What can we expect from you in the live realm when you play Vinnies Dive here on the Gold Coast on 12 March?

You could set off a three-kilometre radius alert, warning the oldies around Vinnies Dive Bar that it’s not an earthquake, its Mitch King’s kick drum haha! Seriously, you can expect to hear my latest single ‘Time Stands Still’, with a selection of some old and new tunes plus some new sounds I’ve been working on.

Be sure to catch Mitch King (and his booming kick drum) when he detonates within the confines of Vinnies Dive Bar on Thursday 12 March.

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