11 tips for enjoying Woodford Folk Festival with kids

So you have decided to head to Woodford Folk Festival for the first time with kids and are not quite sure where to start.   Don’t worry, we have got you covered with our top 11 tips to get you started.

  1. Check out the schedules on the Woodford Folk Festival app and plan what you can. The app notified us of what was coming up next so we didn’t have to keep looking through the program. There is seriously so much on offer and it saved time. The Children’s Festival is a must-see.
  2. Consider hiring a Rock N Roller wagon, it could change your whole experience. You can sort it all even before you leave. We didn’t do this, but if we had our time over, would 100%.  When the kids don’t want to walk anymore, or when they get tired and want to sleep, they can be pulled along or sleep in the wagon and you still get to see the things you want to see.
  3. Plan some extra time to catch the shuttle into the festival from the ticketing booth or day camping area. It can be busy and is too far to walk with little ones.
  4. Take something you can sit on. We found the grass at the venues had green ants and our round towel came in super handy.
  5. There is a huge selection of food to choose from and we tried heaps of it, but the snacks and our refillable water bottles in the kids daypacks for in between were priceless.
  6. Prepare for all weather, it can be super hot in the day, then rain and cool right off at night. Pack that jumper for them, ours needed it.
  7. Pack an extra pair of clothes as there are adventures to be had everywhere. We had exploring under bridges, climbing trees , spills, accidental grass stains and mud.
  8. Don’t forget your wipes for grimy dirty hands and dusty feet.
  9. Print off a festival map at home, or buy one for $2 on entry or once inside the festival. The festival is absolutely huge and the map is well laid out making it easy to find where you are going.
  10. The festival gets busy and it helped having the kids dressed in clothes that we could identify them in easily as well as their backpacks being a little different. While they were always close to us, at times especially at night, it got quite busy.
  11. Plan in some rest stops throughout the day. There are heaps of trees to sit under, lounging areas and the bamboo treehouse has some wicked hammocks for kids and also adults.








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