To hotel. To play. To lose oneself. Bleach launches ‘Hotelling’.

Bleach* Festival gives a big solid nod to Gold Coast’s infamous hospitality history with a new production curated by David Pledger.

Called Hotelling, the event will feature flirtatious, fly-on-the-wall interactions, feisty femmes and free-thinking folk in what will be the ultimate in loose inhibitions and down-the-rabit-hole journeys, on show for just two nights.

Some of the city’s best dancers, theatre makers, musicians and media artists, as well as visiting talent, will be embedded in hotel life at QT. They’ll shape-shift from concierge to the couple next-door, the elevator valet and the hot date you wished you had.


David Pledger said there are so many hotels on the Gold Coast that it stands to reason there’s stories yet to be told.

“One of the reasons for doing Hoteling is to extricate those stories and get them out of the building and life of the hotel… to tell them in a way that people haven’t seen them before,” he said. And while David has done research by meeting QT staff (and collecting his own stories from many stays at the property), he’s not drawing the line there.

“I also want to tell stories that are universal hotel stories.”

There’s that great extreme in a hotel – life is extreme.

“You can go from having an experience which is lying by the pool and getting a suntan to having an email drop in your inbox that changes your life. And that’s amplified by the fact that you’re not at home – you’re in a hotel.”

Hotelling, which will run Friday 4 and Saturday 5 November will move between QT’s tennis courts to the 22nd floor and features artists like Craig Walsh The Farm, Todd MacDonald (Artistic Director Laboite Theatre), Nadia Sunde, Lawrence English, Kate Harman and Shock Therapy Productions.

There’ll be sex and scandal, broken hearts, voyeurism, an eel and her eggs and a few surprises for good measure. It’s hotelling after all.

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