Tomorrows Tulips’ second visit

On the cusp of their second Australian visit for 2014, Alex Knost of Californian off-kilter two piece Tomorrows Tulips took time out for an idiosyncratic Q&A with Anthony Gebhardt

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You guys were out here earlier this year as part of The Growlers Australian tour. How did this new tour come about so quickly?

Met the handsome Strange Yonder people, made a new album, sent emails…


Any enduring memories from the show you played last time at The Coolangatta Hotel?

I feel like every other show kinda surpassed the Gold Coast show, it was packed but with folks there to party not see the bands.


You’re on the bill of Sounds of the Suburbs festival in Cronulla, are you fans of any of the other bands on the bill? 

Wax Witches, Gap Dream, Mylie Grace and Ozzie Wong to name a few…


The upcoming new record, When – what sort of vibe can we expect compared to previous releases?

We wrote it compulsively, and recorded it much the same. Our previous album Experimental Jelly was slightly dwelled on it terms of writing and production.


You’ve put together a very striking twin-video for your new tracks Baby/Glued To You. Is there a particular concept or narrative linking the two together?

Subject relation, context, short songs…there’s a freedom that comes with fresh territory.


From your tour itinerary it seems you’ll be getting in plenty of surfing along the way! Is this a consideration for touring schedules? And what’s your favourite surf spot in Australia?

We just do whatever we can to pull a tour off, usually that consists of more couch surfing than surfing, but any time off we try to rinse off.


Seeing as the tour concludes in Byron Bay does this mean you’ll be factoring in some time at the La Casa Artist Residency once again?

Naw, we head to Europe for a month…


Did you create any news songs the last time you hung out there, or was it all about your other pursuits?

Yeah we did demos, it was kinda the beginning of the end with my girlfriend and ex drummer at the time so turmoil conquered productivity.


I really dig the DIY, ‘non muso’ approach to your musical craft. Are there any musicians that have particularly inspired you?

You use what tools you have at hand, if we had Lady Gaga’s studio we would use it too.


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Catch Tomorrows Tulips:

1 October, Black Bear Lodge with The Babe Rainbow + Tempura Nights

3 October, The Northern in Byron Bay, with The Babe Rainbow + White Lodge.


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