Top 5 tips to green your festival experience

1. Take a reusable water bottle. Bottled water is one of the greatest enviro tragedies in a generation. You have no excuse. Take your own bottle. Or buy a bottle on arrival. But keep it. Every Australian music festival offers water refill stations. Use them.

2. Bin your butt. If you still smoke, the best thing you can do for the environment is stop. But if that’s not an option, never ever every throw your butt on the ground. Say there are 2000 smokers at a festival. Who each smoke 20 cigarettes a day. Over three days. That’s more than 100,000 durry butts left behind. Bin your butt.

3. Pick up after yourself. What the hell happens to people at music festivals? There are plenty of bins. So why is it all of a sudden OK to leave your trash on the ground? It’s not OK guys. Pick it up. Put it in the bin.

4. Consume less stuff. Each take away meal, each piece of merch, every drink. It’s all just stuff. When you consume less stuff, you consume less of the resources it takes to transport, construct, cook, heat, cool, trash, recycle or dispose of that stuff. Minimalism is the new green.

5. Car pool. Thankfully most festivals with poor transport infrastructure now have this sussed, charging people who don’t car pool a premium fee to arrive by car. For both Splendour and Falls Festivals, if you arrive with four people in your car, you get your $30-a-day car pass fee refunded.  Get organised and get your money back. Bingo for the planet.

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