Tourist in my Town: City Cave Float & Wellness Centre, Mermaid Waters

So with all the end of year partying going on, it might be time for a bit of a detox. If you’re like me, then the idea of floating in a small enclosed pod, bereft of sensory stimulation, is enough to send you running for the hills. But fear no longer, as City Cave at Mermaid Waters has three individual flotation pools (note pools, not tanks) each in their own room, with your own shower, bench, and a light that you can control. It’s the first venue on the Gold Coast to provide this much less claustrophobic experience.

The City Cave culture clearly places a high value on providing their customers with a premium individualised experience, as evidenced by the no-expense spared single treatment rooms filled with classic touches; the ice cold jugs of water provided in the single person Infrared Sauna area, the showers in every Flotation and Sauna room, the freshly brewed ginger tea that you can take into your own personal experience, the fluffy dressing gowns and touch up station. Nothing is too much trouble for the friendly and knowledgeable staff who are keen to provide you with the best and most beneficial visit possible.

The benefits of flotation are manifold and include assistance with hormonal, digestive, respiratory balance, among other perks. The “Flauna” packages, comprised of a 45 minute uber-relaxing, detoxing infrared sauna and one hour float, are probably the best value at just $99, and if you’re planning on doing just the float, we highly recommend purchasing the Float Intro Pack, which gives you three floats for $149. An initial float can be a somewhat disorienting experience, as your brain tries to adjust to what’s going on. But the second and third floats, in my opinion, were completely different from the first; utter relaxation experiences that soothed my sore neck and shoulders and provided me with a significant reduction in my anxiety levels. Well worth persevering with.

In addition to the ultra-penetrative Infrared Sauna and innovative Float Rooms, City Cave also offers up services for massage, yoga, nutrition and other healthcare solutions, in order to form a holistic wellness experience. Memberships are also available, which provide you with discounts across a range of services. It’s a well-crafted, high end yet high value experience. Go on and treat yourself, or buy it as a gift for loved ones.

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