Tourist in My Town | Grown Up Girl’s Night


The Gold Coast Glitter Strip is a playground for the young and fabulously dressed, bursting with trendy eateries, glamorous bars and deafening nightclubs.  When you’re in your thirties and the days of non-stop kid-free, mortgage-free weekends seem like a distant memory, the thought of navigating Surfers Paradise can all too often end up in the too-hard basket.  That’s when a Grown Up Girls’ Night (GUGN) can really hit the ticket.

In an effort to keep as up-to-the-minute as possible, we chose the Rhapsody Apartments, one of Surfers’ newest developments, as the home base of our GUGN. By far the best aspect of the venue was the 41st floor sky deck, complete with 360 views over the ocean and coast.  A smattering of comfortable lounges provided a surprisingly sheltered setting for our sunset strawberries and champagne (and the following morning, the delicious barbecue breakfast courtesy of the hamper in our room). Following a quick heated spa and sauna session downstairs, we glammed up and jumped over to Marina Mirage, where N3 Tapas Bar has been making waves on the local foodie scene.

The venue is close enough to the action to feel like it’s a mere hop, skip and a jump away for those wishing to hit the scene after dining, while being far enough away for us oldies to feel like we were enjoying our dinner in relative peace and quiet. N3’s chefs provided a fast supply of tasty tapas that each packed a huge punch of its own in terms of stand-out flavours. No dieter’s items here. A rangey wine list provided many options for the discerning palate, while dessert – everyone’s favourite course – delighted as much with the eyes as with the tastebuds.

Back at the home away from home, we watched the twinkling lights from our balcony before turning in, full and satisfied and feeling just ever so proud that we’d managed to not only coordinate schedules but also happened to “do” the Glitter Strip for a GUGN, albeit in a slightly different manner to ten years earlier!

Blank staffers were guests of Rhapsody Apartments.

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