Toyko Beef Bringing The Rock To Snooker World Xmas Bash on 1 December

Old school garage-punkers Tokyo Beef will be making a righteous ruckus on the night of Saturday, 1 December when they headline a smashing line up of music at the more raucous end of the spectrum at Snooker Worlds hard rocking Xmas Party extravaganza.

Tokyo Beef mainstay Graeme Treanor, who’s been kicking out the jams under the band’s Beefy moniker for over 12 years now, is pretty pumped for what the night will have in store; “We’re really looking forward to this one! All the bands on the bill are fun and high energy. Snooker World is a great venue as well, we really enjoy playing there. We have a good relationship with Yanick, the organiser. He lets us put on nights here and is fully supportive of live music. We have played here a few times this year and it’s always a good night. What better way to kick off the party season than with a Beefy Xmas bash. And with public transport straight out the front.”

If you’ve yet to experience the amped-up thrills of a Tokyo Beef live performance, here’s Graeme’s take on what to expect: “We have been compared to a lot of Aussie old school rock/punk/garage bands such as The Celibate Rifles, Radio Birdman and The Lime Spiders. We love to play live and loud and try to channel the energy of these type of bands into our performances.”

They’ll also be joined on the evening by like-minded acts Toxic Splat and Boing Boing, whom Graeme describes as thus; “Toxic Splat is fronted by Goran Peko. They’re an old school punk band. Goran is well known in the surf industry. Breathing life into old surfboards. He does some amazing restoration work. And his band Toxic Splat is pretty nuts as well. Boing Boing join the party too. They are a great young band that have recently been on tour with The Chats. They are another high energy, fun band and we are really look forward to sharing the stage with them again.”

So be sure to get along for what promises to be a night of hell raising merriment as three of the Coast’s finest high octane rock bands strut their stuff on 1 December at Snooker World.

Respect The Rock!!

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