Toyko Beef punk it up at Vinnie’s Dive Bar this December

Fresh from blowing minds and bursting eardrums at the recent Snooker World Xmas Bash, old school garage punkers Tokyo Beef will be bringing down the curtain on 2018 with all amps blazing when they pump out some PunkMass cheer at new Southport venue Vinnies Dive Bar on Saturday, 22 December.

Tokyo Beef mainstay Graeme Treanor, who’s been kicking out the jams under his Beefy moniker for over 12 years now, is pumped for what the night will have in store. If you’ve yet to experience the amped-up thrills of a Tokyo Beef gig, here’s Graeme’s take on what you can expect: “We have been compared to a lot of old school Aussie rock/punk/garage bands like The Celibate Rifles, Radio Birdman and The Lime Spiders. We love to play live and loud and try to channel their energy into our performances.”

They’ll also be joined on the evening by like-minded acts The Dangerous Folk, Monster Fodder and The Screaming Platypuses, who Graeme describes as thus:

The Dangerous Folk are a Celtic Punk band that love a good time. You can definitely hear the influence of (Boston legends) The Dropkick Murphys in their music. We haven’t played with them before but are really looking forward to sharing the stage with them.

Monster Fodder are great mates of ours. We’ve played several gigs with them this year, the most recent of which when we both supported The Acca Dacca (AC/DC tribute) show. That was a fun night. If you like Motorhead, you’ll like ‘The Fodder’.

The Screaming Platypuses are also on the bill. I love this young band. We’ve played with them before. They are cool. They are just one of many up and coming bands coming out of the Gold Coast at the moment.”

We also asked Graeme to give us a bit of a rundown on the Tokyo Beef story, what’s kept them going across the journey and what we can expect from the band next..

“Yeah time flies, hey. ‘The Beef’ have been around for about 12 years now. We’ve had a few line-up changes along the way. Myself and Peter Punk are the main stays of the band and write the majority of the songs. But the band and the music is a passion for all of us. The engine room (Jonny on bass and Rusty on drums) is rock solid as and really brings out the best in our songs. And the most important thing is to keep it all FUN. You can see that in our playing.

2018 has been a good year for us. We released a new album, called ‘Kamikaze’, which has received airplay on 4ZZZ and recently on Rebel FM. Music from the album has also been used on (FTA digital channel) 7mate and also as part of the Sailor Jerry Surf Tag show. And we’re currently working on some new songs for our next release.

When I asked Graeme what he was hoping to achieve in 2019, his wit came to the fore when laying down the gauntlet on a very Beefy outcome!

“In 2019 we’d really love to win a Gold Coast Music Award. We would like to nominate for a new category, that of The Loudest Band With The Most Amount Of Offspring.”

So there you have it! The stage has been set for what promises to be a night of merry musical mayhem when Tokyo Beef and cohorts Punk It Up at Vinnies Dive Bar this month.

Respect The Rock and get along for a good time!!

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Tokyo Beef are at Vinnies Dive Bar, 22 December

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