Local artist lands among the stars

Local artist Tracie Eaton has been shooting for the moon lately, with her work gaining recent national and international recognition. Her artwork has been accepted for inclusion in Logie, Golden Globe and Oscars gift bags, and is going to be working on an international fashion show and the ‘Ruby Collection’ for a new resort on the Gold Coast. Phew! We thought we’d see how she’s feeling about it all.

Please tell us all about how the Logie and Hollywood gift bag inclusions came about! And what are the pieces that the winners will receive?

I was provided a contact to Celebrity & Hollywood Gifting who specialise in providing gift bags to celebrate successes and events for national and Hollywood stars.  After a few conversations, them reviewing my work and brand it was confirmed I was accepted as the exclusive artist to contribute in gift bags for Gold Logie winner and Silver Logie for best male, and best female.

Following the delivery of the artworks to the company, they were very happy and offered me the opportunity to be the exclusive artist for the Hollywood Swag-bags for 2019 Golden Globes and the 2019 Oscars.  The bags are provided to nominated actors at the Four Seasons Hotel – where most of the stars stay.  I am incredibly excited about this opportunity as not only will it provide immense exposure of my brand in the US, it is an opportunity to showcase Gold Coast art to the international stage.  SUPER cool!

I created a range of art called the Petite Range a while ago, and these are the perfect fit for gifts.  They are all original artworks…not one is the same.  They are 25cm x 25cm so really cool to use as a tabletop display or hang as a medley of artworks on a wall.  All are resin finished so really stand out.  The pieces I am creating for Hollywood are all inspired by life on the Gold Coast.  I want them to feel a little of what living in such a beautiful, funky place feels like – Aussie style.

What is the name of the fashion event in Melbourne you’re a part of, and is the body paint dress you’re creating going to be partly made of fabrics or is it entirely painted on skin?

I am involved in the international couture fashion event called Angels with Wings.  Gold Coast based manager Neva Webber established this event for the first time in 2017 and it has grown incredibly since this inaugural event.  This year, we have moved to Melbourne, and have attracted fashion designers from Australia and around the globe.  The event is so highly creative that it is a pleasure to be involved.

I will be participating in two ways.  During the media launch I will be completing an artwork live.  This piece will be auctioned on the evening of the fashion show to raise funds for Mercy Ships.  I have also been engaged to create a very unique, mystical creation for the finale of the show.  As an artist, not a designer, I am very excited about this.  I will be creating a couture dress from a mixture of body paint, fabrics, jewels, cast molds. I am well into the planning phase of this, beginning the creation of the accessories I need in August so we are well prepared.  What I love about this is, because of the way I work, there is no dress rehearsal.  No practice.  We create on the day…it is a one-off. Love the purity of this creativity.  And, as with the Globes and Oscars, it is showcasing the talent the Gold Coast offers.

Can you please explain a little more about the Ruby Collection for those who have not heard of it?

Another project I am currently involved in is The Ruby Collection on the Gold Coast.  This is a very exciting development, and one of the largest the Gold Coast has seen, with four towers offering 1600 rooms due for completed over the next 3 years.  Following my involvement with Women in Tourism Gold Coast, I was invited to meet with the CEO of the company to discuss their vision for this development.  And it is cutting edge.  They plan to provide accommodation to the Gold Coast that has not before been seen.  And with their tag line being “we don’t do ordinary” I knew we are a perfect fit.

My role over the development period is to produce the artworks that will be hung throughout the resort.  Once again, I am the sole artist engaged on this project. A real honour to be a significant part of bringing their vision to life.  The brief is to create abstract artworks that do two things: Let the colours be the impact, and to represent the fun, vibrancy and beauty of living on the Gold Coast.  The first tower opens on 6 November 2018. We are all looking forward to seeing the results of the last 12 months work and creative inspiration.  Will be fun to unveil our mutual creation!

IMAGE: Blossoms, from the Petite Range

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