Treachery Cove on an upwards trajectory

Hard hitting alternative rock four piece Treachery Cove, while still relatively new on the local music scene, are starting to build a burgeoning groundswell of momentum. Earlier this year the band took out first place in a hot field at the Greenroom Battle Of The Bands. And on the strength of their latest single, ‘Mr Devil’, this upwards trajectory is bound to continue into the New Year and beyond.

Commencing with a souped-up surf guitar riff, ‘Mr Devil’ motors along off the back of a classic alt-grunge template, its impassioned vibes, powerhouse drumming and the confident and striking upfront vocal delivery of front man Dominic Laing serving as a head turning statement of intent. The band also released a self-titled EP earlier this year, a power packed five track affair that perfectly encapsulates Treachery Cove’s impressive use of tension and dynamics and judicious incorporation of head turning sonic diversity, such as the opening piano instrumental ‘Intro’, and the growled vocal interjections in the track ‘A.I.E’. Meanwhile, songs such as ’Parasite’, S.O.S’ and ‘Sailor Man’ serve to highlight and bands core strength as carriers of the alt-grunge flame, with lashings of hard rock pummel to seal the deal.

Recently we delved into the world of Treachery Cove, finding out where they’re from, what they dig and where they’re heading. 

Treachery Cove are relatively new to the local live music scene. Can you tell us a bit about the history of the band?

Since the start of 2017 Treachery Cove have driven one long road, originally as a four piece, then undergoing a few lineup and instrument changes. When we started out the band was mainly in the ‘indie-rock’ category, but going through lineup changes, we are now powering on as a three piece, and consider ourselves as an alternative band. Our bassist, Monique, is the only founding member remaining, as both Dom and Steff came onboard in around June of last year. Steff was originally on the guitar, but our previous drummer had other interests in life, so Steff moved to the drums, and Dom was asked to do vocals and guitar. Monique and Dom had both played in many bands before starting Treachery Cove, whereas Steff has been a solo performer for most of her musical life, playing the piano.

Which venues can we typically find you gigging, and what kind of vibe can we expect from Treachery Cove in the live realm? 

You’ll usually find us in bars and taverns up and down the Coast. We’ve played a lot of Brisbane shows in the last 12 months and we’re slowly gaining more interest on the Gold Coast.  As for our sound, we’ve been described by peers as a hard-rock band, so our performances are physical, with a lot of head banging and jumping around, and lots of pounding drums!

Can you describe the biggest or most memorable show you’ve played so far, and what made it special?

The biggest show for us was in September of last year, when we played at the Pride Fair Day in Brisbane. That was easily our biggest audience yet, which blew our minds! Our most memorable show would definitely have to be the 2018 Greenroom Battle Of The Bands, which we worked really hard for and came away with first place!

Can you tell us a bit about the genesis of your new single, Mr Devil? 

‘Mr Devil’ is about having a little too much to drink and playing a game with the devil (alcohol) to see how much you can drink before you drop! 

If you could choose three bands from any era, to play alongside in your dream line-up, who would they be? 

We have quite a diverse answer here! Steff really loves Rush, Monique loves Alice in Chains and Dom loves Shinedown. What a show that would be!

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Catch Treachery Cove with We All Drive and Verum at Vinnies Dive Bar, 20 December.

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