Trinity Roots run deep

Trinity Roots is one of New Zealand’s (and so by default, the Gold Coast’s) favourite reggae outfits, performing live since 1998.

They share members with Fat Freddie’s Drop and have collaborated with that other famous NZ artist Neil Finn. With a heavily-anticipated third studio album set for release any day now, they’re about to tour Australia in support of that album’s launch.

We’re used to making Kiwis feel at home here on the GC. Our Music Coordinator, Mella Bunker, who is a self-confessed Trinity Roots fangirl, got to ask Rio Hemopo (bass + backing vocals) a few questions ahead of their tour.


You played Blues on Broadbeach a few years back, as well as Bluesfest. Is this your first headlining tour of Queensland? Are you looking forward to being the main event?

That’s right, we’ve been over a couple of times recently. Loved it and great to have a local audience enjoy our music, along with the ex-pats.  Bit more pressure with our own headline shows but exciting as well.


There are a lot of kiwis on the GC (including myself). Have you been calling any family to come see you play?

Hell no.  The venues for the tour aren’t big enough on this trip! Nah, we’re def calling on the cuzzes to come and check out/tautoko the shows. They all want bloody backstage passes though!


What was the reason(s) behind the reform?

Warren was missing us. Ha. In all seriousness, a multitude of reasons. Unfinished business. There was still a lot of love and requests for us to reform and tour again. We had a live album that was sitting there and our friend Sarah Hunter had just completed the doco. Seemed the right time to play a few shows and see where/if the desire for the TR sound was still there. Both as the band and audience.


Your 2014 single Haiku was not what I was expecting.  Have your side projects influenced this new sound or was it just a natural progression?

Residual bogan tendencies flaring up! I’d guarantee there’s a few side or recent projects influencing that track for sure. That track is kinda the only one of its kind on the album so it’s probably more out of the influences at the time than evolution of the TR sound/direction.


What’s the NZ music scene like these days? Had any interesting collaborations lately?

Riddled with bands and graduating music students!  Amazing actually. Great to see so many projects and acts releasing and touring.  TR just came back from a festival called Celtic Connections which happened in Glasgow.  We collaborated with a group of Irish musicians last year who came to NZ for a couple of shows. We were invited to take the project to perform in UK.  Had a great response and we’re looking to do another run of gigs in Oz and NZ around Oct.


Trinity Roots live

19 March | The Zoo, Brisbane (with Karl S Williams)

22 March | Bleach* Festival (with Tijuana Cartel + The Lyrical), Miami Marketta

25 March | Brunswick Hotel, Brunswick Heads (with Karl S Williams)


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