Local Blues outfit, Tuesday’s Good are still treading the boards and in deluxe form. After gigging relentlessly since their self-titled EP was released last year, the band are pleased to bring a deluxe version of the EP to their fans. Emily Hosking spoke with lead singer, Sarah Frank and guitarist, Jim Pagatto to see what the next few months hold in store for Tuesday’s Good.
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There is no doubt that Tuesday’s Good are full of soul and blues spirit, but it is also evident after chatting with them they are also bursting with drive and ambition to share their music. Since forming 3 years ago, the band has grown into a collective musical tribe; where blues is their food, their sleep and their air.

”Blues music is about feeling, and we need to feel. I think that identifying the need for emotional release is especially important in this sort of societal structure; one where people are sitting in traffic jams and working eight ours of their day, with no sunlight at a computer,” says Frank.

2014 is already looking to be a big year for the blues-soul-funksters, with the release of their deluxe EP scheduled and an extensive tour to boot. I was interested to hear how these leaps forward have allowed them to grow since the EP’s initial release.

”We’ve really learnt how to listen and anticipate each other, not just musically, but as friends and partners on this ride,” says Frank.

Pagotto agrees, “we’ve taken the band in more of an improv direction and you can’t do that without an intimate knowledge of [the band’s] playing style and personality. We’re definitely more on that level now than when we released the first EP a year ago.”

The Deluxe EP will feature some revised tracks, with two of the previously released singles re-mixed and re-mastered, as well as some new tracks to keep fans on their feet. It will be released to the world with an EP launch party, 10 May at The Loft Chevron Island. .

When asked what to expect, Frank was quick to state, “Good local music!’ She continues, ”it’s such an intimate space, and they are so supportive there. I want to pack the place out then soak it in positive and happy vibes. I’ll have my incense and body paint on the go; it’s going to be dope.”

Amongst the EP release excitement, Tuesday’s Good will also make an appearance for the second year in a row at the Blues on Broadbeach Festival in May.

”I love just wandering around between stages and being blown away by someone I’ve never heard of. It’s amazing to have such a massive free event with so many world-class musicians right here on the Coast,” says Pagatto.

Following the festival, and a few more local gigs, they are heading north to Maroochydore to begin their extensive tour down the coast to share the Tuesday’s Good love.

”Our shows are about fun, love and light. To us, music equals freedom,” says Frank.

Once they have shown the East Coast what they have to offer, Frank and Pagotto are taking their tunes abroad with a tour of Japan in the planning stages.

”Each step on this slow climb has meant more knowledge of how to work this, and also gathering more people to help us is a long and beautiful process. The passion is a combination of the music, and the fact that we’re in this with our best friends. And yeah, Japan is the next big step for us,” says Frank.

When asking where the unique name ‘Tuesday’s Good’ originated from, I was impressed by the simplicity of it’s origin. ”When we were organising our first jam, Tuesday was good for everyone,” says Pagotto.

It’s not every day that a group of musicians can get together and blend the likes of soul, blues, reggae and funk successfully, but with the right people, the right attitude and a whole ‘lotta love, sometimes it’s just as simple as ‘Tuesday’s Good’.

The EP launch will be held at The Loft Chevron Island, 10 May and more info on the band is at tuesdaysgood.com.











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