Under the Spell of Jeenie

If frenetic, fist pumping rock/rap/hip hop amalgamations are your idea of a good time, musically speaking, then look no further than up and coming local four-piece, Jeenie.

Having started out in 2014, the band transitioned into their current in-your-face proposition with the addition of Brazilian vocalist and rhyme machine Antonio Ferlini, which sharpened their sound and morphed them into the power-packed groove merchants of present day.

On their debut EP, ‘Hypnotized’, they deliver a stunning sonic salvo with frenetic shout-outs such as ‘Rat Race’ and the hyper-charged ‘Spit It’ bringing to mind such genre greats as Rage Against The Machine and the early punk-funk forays of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. The band also know how to mix things up and bring some light and shade to proceedings, with numbers such as ‘Black Pudding’ delivering a more chilled but no less groove-laden listening experience.

Recently we let the Jeenie out of the bottle and chatted with the bands Christian Kafritsas.

Can you fill us in on the evolution of the band and its sound between your inception and the arrival of your Brazilian vocalist Antonio Ferlini?

Antonio really brought something special to the band, we were a trio for a long time before he joined. He was exactly what we were looking for as a vocalist and continues to impress us with his lyrics and overall energy. He plays a big part in our sound.

Can you describe a typical Jeenie gig – energetic and frenetic I’d imagine!? 

It’s full on from the get go. We get pretty into it and Antonio leads from the front to get the crowd involved as well. We’ve got our heavier songs such as ‘Rat Race’ and ‘Worms’ but mix it in with ‘Black Pudding’ and ‘Go Insane’ which a slightly more chilled. We usually end with ‘Spit It’ which is a very tiring finisher. We love playing live.

What are a few of your favourite local live music venues?

We’ve played our fair share of shows up in Brisbane and really enjoy playing at The Zoo and The Bearded Lady. We recently played our EP release at a new venue in Burleigh called HAUL which was mad.

If you could share a bill with three bands/performers across any era, who would they be?

Heck, I think each band member would answer differently but I think we’d all agree on Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tool and Parliament. That’s a stacked line-up!

Do you have any plans/goals as to where you’d like to take things with Jeenie for the rest of the year and on into 2020?

We have a new EP currently in the recording process. Drums, bass and vocals are done so guitars are next. ‘Rotten Society’ was the first track written for the new EP, which we’ve included in our live set this year. Once that’s done, our goal is to organise a tour of New Zealand and Brazil. Funnily enough we’ve got some fans in Brazil so we’d love to take Jeenie over there which will be a lot of fun!

‘Hypnotized’ is out now on Bandcamp. Keep up with the band on their socials.

IMAGE (c) Jordan O’Connor.

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