UNLEASH your Eco-preneur Potential

UNLEASH 2016 is a unique workshop both for existing eco-prenuers and those wishing to start their own business. Rebekah Daw from ONEgroup gave us a bit of an insight into this concept which takes the best of start-up and entrepreneurial knowledge and applies it to sustainability-focussed enterprises.


Can you tell me a bit about the team at ONEGroup and the motivation for starting UNLEASH? 

Based at Molendinar on the Gold Coast, ONEgroup are leaders in the organics and natural enterprises industry. We are renowned for our history of developing high-quality, innovative and earth-centred ethical brands and produce and distribute a wide range of certified organic products across six major categories: Food, Beverages, Nutritionals, Personal care and Home care, with a new area of Environmental.

Founded by lifelong EcoPreneur and ethical investor Alf Orpen and Narelle Chenery, Organic & Natural Entrepreneurs Group (ONEgroup) is a collaborative venture of a number of experienced and new organic enterprises working together under the uniting theme of People + Purpose + Products = Solutions. The group’s origins stem back to the creation of the world’s first certified organic range of personal and skin care products under the brand Miessence that were certified organic in January of 2001. Over the years, ONEgroup has grown to cover a wide range of brands all tied by a common thread of commitment to organic, innovative and ecologically sound products and business practices.
Who will benefit most from the Unleash opportunity? 

UNLEASH is an opportunity for local eco-preneurs – those who create businesses to serve ecological needs – to access the tools, support and resources to operate their start-up as a financially viable and successful vehicle for positive ecological change.

The benefits of UNLEASH will also be felt throughout the local community as we encourage and raise awareness about healthier and more sustainable products and services. We also want to encourage anyone who is interested in starting their own business to come along as well.

There are many exciting organic business opportunities that we will be talking about over the two day schedule, so it’s a bit of a treat for anyone interested in this space.

Why is being an ecopreneur so important in today’s society? 

Being an ecopreneur isn’t just about business. It’s about sustainability, better options for consumers, less impact on our planet and better outcomes for society. Creating a start-up that people want to be a part of and does good just makes sense. It’s important because we have a wonderful opportunity in today’s modern world to make a difference, so we think, why not?

UNLEASH 2016 runs over two action-packed days from 19 – 20 November. Tickets are only a tiny $47 per day and are available here.







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