Punking out with Unwritten Law

Unwritten Law are the original rebellious punk rocking skate lords.

Since forming in Southern California in 1990 and making their name in the prolific San Diego music scene alongside bands such as Blink 182, Sprung Monkey and Rocket From The Crypt, Unwritten Law have become a law unto themselves. Over six studio albums and hit singles ‘Seein’ Red’ and ‘Save Me (Wake up Call)’, the band has redefined the punk genre with an unrelenting touring schedule and general apathy towards conventional acceptance that has seen them grace Australian shores countless times, including the now infamous 2014 performance at Capitol & Amps in Perth where the band reportedly trashed the venue after their set was cut short by a midnight curfew.

Next year sees the band embark on a massive East and West Coast tour of Australia starting on 31 January, punctuated by performances at the Hotter Than Hell Festival which takes in more regional areas.

“As always, we’ve got a great show coming to you,” enthused vocalist and founding member Scott Russo. “Australia is our second home so every trip is special.”

The Gold Coast forms part of the schedule, with a show set down for 12 February at Parkwood Tavern. Despite now being a regular stopover on previous tours, Scott says the band has fond memories of the area and promises an epic set in what will be their own headlining show.

“The Gold Coast is a beautiful place,” he said. “We have especially fond memories of Surfers Paradise, just enjoying the beaches and the people. We are looking forward to our own show there. When you’re in a festival-type setting the show is just a little more condensed, whereas at our own shows we can dig a little deeper.”

When they formed in 1990, Unwritten Law initially bucked the accepted trend of punk music. Their mixing of punk, power pop, rock and alternative music was quite new and fresh, with Scott conceding their music was more a product of their environment rather than a preconceived rebellious notion.

“Back then everything was new,” he said. “There were no blueprints so we just played music we wanted to hear. It was what we thought the music we were writing should sound like. It wasn’t a conscience decision informed by market research, it was just a feeling.”

Although conceding it may have been a gamble, Scott shrugs when discussing the process of risk versus reward.

“I feel like playing music for a living is a bit of a gamble, so why not,” he laughed. “I think it worked because it was honest: it wasn’t contrived.  People can sense real.”

When talk turns back to next year’s tour, Scott’s smile returns with a mischievous glint in his eye.

“We can’t wait to come and see each and every one of you,” he offered. “We’re putting together something very special you won’t want to miss!”

Catch Unwritten Law and special guests Silent X at The Parkwood Tavern on 12 February. Tickets are available now through OzTix.

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