Up Close With Bleach: Emma and The Hungry Truth


Bleach, the Gold Coast’s biggest arts and cultural festival, kicks off on Friday 6th March (lasting until the 22nd) and brings with it art installations, theatre, film, street parties and, of course, live music. In Up Close with Bleach, Liz Ansley gets to know some of the incredible local talent who’ll be playing at Bleach 2015 a little better.

Emma Dean, of Emma and The Hungry Truth fame, is next up. 2014 saw the band release their EP Feast to critical acclaim; and score spots on the lineups at Wonderland, Mona Foma Festival and Cygnet Folk Festival. Their brand new single The Hungry Truth (Will Feast On You) recently debuted in video form, and the result is a wonderfully debaucherous visual feast. You can catch Emma and The Hungry Truth on March 8th performance at Bleach*, as part of their self-titled tour that kicked off in Victoria in late February.

How would you describe the music you make to someone who’d never heard it before?

Theatrical, rock, pop, old world meets new world!

Why are you looking forward to being a part of Bleach this year?

We love the festival atmosphere, we love the arts, and we love the beach! These are a few of our favourite things.

What are three albums that have helped to shape you (either musically or as a person) the most? Why are they so important?

Tori Amos: Under The Pink. Because she taught me that chicks behind a piano can be just a rock and sexy as guys with guitars.

Enigma Variations: Edward Elgar. Because this was my first memory of seeing my dad cry during a performance of this epic work with the Queensland Youth Orchestra. Maybe my memory is warped, but it made me realise the intense power of music and how difficult it is to describe why a song or a piece can move us so very much.

Without You I’m Nothing: Placebo. Because I found somewhere to put my teenage angst and I learned to appreciate (and fall in love with) men in dresses and mascara.

Describe the most rewarding, surprising, or bizarre moment in your career so far.

Performing an intimate house concert in a penthouse in New York City and having Alan Cumming in the front row. Only a year or so earlier I had played Sally Bowles in Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatres “Cabaret” the musical, and I had to research the Sam Mendes version in which Alan Cumming plays the MC. As one of the most captivating film and stage actors, I’m obviously a big fan. Quite a surreal and utterly terrifying moment for me.

What does 2015 hold for you?

We are about to embark on a national tour followed by a North American tour! Such a busy and exciting time for us. For dates and deets you can visit www.emmaandthehungrytruth.com

Who or what are you looking forward to seeing or doing most this year at Bleach?

There are so many brilliant artists on the lineup. I’m loving Karl S Williams and Clare Bowditch not to mention the awesome aerial show going on at Sequins and Sinew, so hopefully we’ll get to catch them.

You can catch Emma and The Hungry Truth at 6.20pm and 7.20pm on Sunday March 8. They’ll be playing at Sequins and Sinew in Roughton Park on Musgrave St, Kirra. 

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