Will We Witness The Vaudeville Smash Eurovision?

The energetic excitement of The Vaudeville Smash hits the Gold Coast not once but twice this month, and we caught up with Marc Lucchesi, band spokesperson extraordinaire, who offered memories of fun times and excitement of things to come for Gold Coasters keen to party on with the internationally renowned retro dance outfit.

After emerging from a busy music scene to heartily encouraging crowds at the 2017/18 Woodford Folk Festival, a highlight for many, Marc reflected on the festival and what makes the best of gigs;

“I’ve never been to another festival where people of all ages are just willing to let it all go and have fun. It really is special. Each show at Woodford was a rock concert! The best type of gig is when the crowd totally lets loose. This is part of the reason we love coming to QLD – you guys really know how to let loose!” 

Back in earlier days, The Vaudeville Smash fondly recall playing a “kitsch little Italian restaurant in Chevron Island called The Loft” (does it still exist, they ask sadly?) with a newly formed then but now GC superheroes Electrik Lemonade and now retired musicians The Dog Tags but Marc endorsed the cultural awakening the Gold Coast has experienced over recent times;

“With venues like Miami Marketta and Night Quarter, bands like Vaudeville Smash can tour GC without the need to do a ticketed show and know we can play to a bunch of people that love music. Fun times! We’re in agreement that there’s been some great growth”

The Vaudeville Smash’s notorious Les Murray voiced soccer anthem, an homage to Zinedine Zidane, had a cracking response (continuing even today) and was an impressive creation. I asked Marc his advice for bands trying to create viral content.

“Get a famous person to feature on your song and write something about something extremely popular?!? Ha! In all honesty, think outside the box. Don’t think that just because you think a song is great it’s going to be shared a million times. There’s a bunch of luck involved. It’s a tough one. Work hard.” 

The Vaudeville Smash have just released a new single La Plume de ma Tante and they have an album coming mid next year. They’ve got a bunch of shows coming, up and down the eastern seaboard, and they hope to get to Europe in 2019. Marc closes the interview with a scoop for Blank GC, noting their aspirations for European pop domination. 

“Apparently Eurovision are accepting song applications. Maybe we’ll try that!“

The Vaudeville Smash play Live at Bond on November 4 and then Palmy Sunday Funday at The Pirate Park on November 25. Both concerts are free and patrons will be expected to dance their hearts out. Get busy.

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    Damien Lobb

    You interviewed Vaudeville Smash?!?!? YESSSS Glenn!!!!
    I absolutely love these guys!!!! Can we somehow get them to do a Summertime Session?? Haha.

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