Video premiere: Donny Love explores The Esplanade

In this great southern land with the sun, the surf and the sand,
resides a darkness so thick and heavy, you can almost hold it in your hand.
Get a tan, and make your little stand,

and hold up your facade, and stay away from that esplanade.

So wail Gold Coast oddball sensations and underground scene stalwarts Donny Love, in their self-described motel-bop track ‘The Esplanade’. And if you thought that the song couldn’t get much more Gold Coast, wait until you see the video, released for the first time here and now, for your viewing pleasure.

‘The Esplanade’ – off scorching debut album ‘Sensation‘ – engages with place-based songwriting and local identity and explores more unconventional methods of songwriting, structure and instrumentation, says band member Andrew Hodges.

“Note the chorus is a jagged horn line with no vocals,” he says.

“We attempted to capture the mood of the The Esplanade at night to contribute to the local vernacular and the lineage of the city and in a small way the ongoing definition of its identity.

“We’ve been pretty public about our roots here and want to the see the Gold Coast music and creative scene grow.”

It was always the band’s intention to release the song with a video, Andy tells us.

“We approached Matt Schembri because he’s a local and keenly interested in the iconic GC imagery and he’s a really interesting, creative guy who’s produced some great work. He was interested in the fact that we have these characters that we’ve created for ourselves within Donny already and he expanded on that. He’s creating a world for us and we’re planning a trilogy to expand on some of the ideas and narratives from this video. Stay tuned.”

We sure will, Donny Love. In the meantime, you can take a stroll down ‘The Esplanade’ below. IMAGE (c) Katia Brticevich

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