VIDEO PREMIERE: Halfway’s Welcome Enemy

Halfway are the musicians musicians love.

With 16 years under their belt this eight piece outfit from Brisbane via Rockhampton have been genuine industry stayers.

Halfway’s new video for Welcome Enemy is testament to that. There’s scenes from a classic Brisbane Queenslander (the actual Halfway House), Central Queensland freight trains and the old Troubadour.

The footage, which includes more contemporary scenes from their Tennessee recordings and Rockhampton, was taken by John Busby from some of the band’s recent travels, and he says it’s not all about the nostalgia.

“All of these places have played a big part of what we do, and like us, they are continually changing,” Busby told Blank GC.

“Like the album, the clip for Welcome Enemy looks to the past, present and future in a way that doesn’t rely on nostalgia,” he said.

Watch the clip and then read on…


I get a decent dose of nostalgia myself watching this clip, with footage that quite honestly could have been taken from any one of ten inner-city, old Queenslander share-houses, long-gone, that were home to anywhere between two and 12 of us in the 90s and early noughties.

With their lauded five-star ARIA charting epic The Golden Halfway Record, and this brand new single Welcome Enemy from that album, Halfway continue to tread their own path.

The Golden Halfway Record was recorded in Nashville by lauded producer Mark Nevers (Calexico) – their fifth album in ten years – and received a heap of positive reviews. Actually, “positive” sounds lame. The thing about this record, and indeed the band’s career, is that while they continue to deliver the goods for long-time fans, they also continue to recruit a new generation of fans.

And that’s because they are, genuinely, just forging their own way: too country for hipsters, too rock for the country crowd, too old for Triple J, and waaaaaay too young for the heritage scene.

Halfway are John Busby (vocals / guitar), Elwin Hawtin (drums), Chris Dale (vocals / guitar), Ben Johnson (bass), Noel Fitzpatrick (pedal steel), Liam Fitzpatrick (banjo / mandolin), John Willsteed (guitar) and Luke Peacock (keys / guitar).

Check out the new video and tell us what you think.

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Halfway play Teneriffe Festival (Brisbane) on Saturday 2 July from 8.00pm

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