Video Premiere: The Walk by Sarah Frank

Sarah Frank describes herself as a singer of the soul. A vegan, yogi, pansexual, polyamorous being. She’s a sensual experience of raw emotion.

It’s been a while between tracks, but this Gold Coast van-dweller is launching a brand new video for song The Walk – the first off an upcoming album due for release in 2016.

The Walk pays homage to the great women in music who inspire me. What I’m presenting in the video is how I experience the music of these artists: dancing, with closed eyes. I like to experience layers and emotion in music through my body,” she told Blank, as we took the first look at the video.

“Presenting the first single through this perspective seemed like a good place to start, a reminder to listeners that this is music to dive into with complete presence in the flow,” she said.

The recording process was one of those “dreamlike one-take studio moments,” to soulful Sarah. She says she sang, stepped back, and spent the rest of the session laying on the studio couch, having given it her all.

Sarah will play the Gold Coast Folk Festival before heading around Australia in her van. “I’ll be teaching Yoga in Indigenous communities, exploring nature and visiting an array of communes for eco-living inspiration and experiences,” she said.

When she pulls the van up, it’ll be in Melbourne, where she’s planning to relocate. “There are a lot of future soul musicians down there; the genre has been flowering with artists like Hiatus Kaiyote at the helm,” she said.

“I’ll be putting a band together with the Liquid Soul material, ready to tour nationally upon its release. In saying that, I’m open to whatever the universal forces unfold in front of me. I haven’t locked in with a band for a while, and that’s something that’s really charming my desire.”

Sarah told us that music is where she finds her truest connection – where she finds her life force.

My favourite thing about music has to be, losing any dogmas or theocracies or perceptions of myself, and simply allowing the myriad currents of music to run through me. Like I’m the conduit and I’m connected to something great and beautiful and powerful and true,” she said.

“I feel most beautiful when I’m malleable with music and it’s not so much that I exist, but that I am existing in the whole.”

Watch The Walk here:

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