Vinnies brings the ruckus in January

Take four rockin’ bands, god only knows how many guitars, a punky dive bar, a handful of beers and an excited crowd, and you’ll have Bring The Ruckus, a celebration of friendship and extremely loud tunes coming to Vinnies Dive in the New Year. Hailing from Sydney are RADICALS, a grungy four-piece led by singer / guitarist Brandon Wade, who along with new Gold Coast hard-hitters VERUM and We All Drive, and Brisbane outfit Lost Goat Found, put on the first Bring the Ruckus event down in Sydney. The crowds were enthusiastic, and so the boys decided to bring the ruckus up to the Queensland fans. We got to know Brandon a little better ahead of the gig.

You guys are from Sydney, so tell us a bit about your relationship with our Gold Coast guys and how the first gig came about.

Well I’ve been mates with Kaden (lead singer of VERUM) since we were kids when he was living back down in Sydney with us. Then over 10 years later he hit me up and said his band wanted to come down for a Sydney show and asked if we wanted to join him. So we pulled the whole show together as quick as we could and managed to sell it out in under a month which is still insane to us.

For the folks who haven’t seen all you guys play, describe your live shows in five words.

Big Boys Make Big Noise

Are there plans to keep touring with this lineup?

As long as we keep selling out shows we’d be crazy not to. We’re all really good mates and when we all come together good things seem to happen.

What can punters expect from this night of music?

Four of the best bands you’ve probably never heard of before playing a night full of rock at a venue with the finest, cheapest drinks. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Bring The Ruckus with We All Drive + VERUM + RADICALS + Lost Goat Found hits Vinnies Dive on 3 January. Tickets are selling quickly, so jump onto OzTix to grab yours before they’re gone!

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