Vinnie’s to host epic joint tour stop with Selfish Sons and Order Sixty6

April will see Vinnie’s Dive play host to a road trip for the ages when Selfish Sons and Order Sixty6 bring their all-round mate fest to the popular Southport venue as part of their joint east coast tour.

Punters are in for a unique experience, with an eclectic mix of genres and fusions set to keep the crowd on their toes. We shot a few of the same questions to both bands to find out just how similar they really are. Let’s find out…

Tell us about this tour, how it came about, and the relationship between the bands! 

Selfish Sons: We all met each other through the music scene in Brisbane. Over the last few years, we’ve all been individually writing, playing and hanging out together. We’ve developed a bond with Order Sixty6 and share a mutual passion for creativity and high energy performance. We’re looking forward to getting on the road with these guys and proving that you don’t need to play the same genre to put on an awesome gig.

Order Sixty6: We met Selfish Sons through other musos. Got tipsy and decided it would be rad to play and be on the road together. Thus, the Road Trip Tour was born.

What are you most looking forward to when you visit the Vinnies? 

Order Sixty6: We’ve never played Gold Coast before, so we’re super excited to tear up Vinnies! The closest we’ve been is Saint Vinnies oppies.

Selfish Sons: We love the Gold Coast, let alone Vinnies and the people even more. We can’t wait to get back down there and play a sick show. 

Tell us how you survived 2020 and how it feels to be back on the road playing to live crowds. 

Selfish Sons: 2020 was a challenge but we are grateful that it gave us a chance to polish up our live set and get plenty of songs ready to release in the coming months.

Order Sixty6: Ate food, drank some water, slept and made some music. Fortunately, 2020 allowed us to take some much-needed time to write, record and make music videos. We just played Mountain Goat Valley Crawl Festival, so we’re super hyped to keep the ball rolling with this GC show!

Is there anything you want GC peeps to know before the show? 

Order Sixty6: Prepare for boyband choreo, intense eye contact, opportunities to mosh and obscure references to Crocs.

Selfish Sons: This isn’t necessarily the most conventional tour, so I guess if we want GC peeps to know anything, it’s to come give something weird a try.


So what do we reckon, #goldcoast? Worst of friends or best of enemies? Either way, it sounds like there’s going to be an explosion at Vinnie’s Dive in Southport on Friday 16 April that will rock the coast from Cooly to Hope Island. Grab your tickets over at OzTix.

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