Kingswood: Revving Up For the Vodafone 600

Across the weekend of 26 October the Gold Coast will be awash with the smell of burning rubber and the sound of hotted up engines, as the Vodafone 600 Super Car extravaganza transforms the streets of Surfers Paradise into a thrill-a-minute street circuit.

The event is more than just a speed rush for the petrol-head fraternity, with a stack of great entertainment lined up in support of the four wheeled action. The impressive music line-up features a stack of top shelf rock and dance acts, including internationally renowned DJ Carl Cox, Example, Hot Dub Time Machine as well as on-the-rise indie rock band The Vanns and Oz music legends Mental As Anything. And add to that list Melbourne alt-rock royalty, Kingswood.

The four piece have recently been putting the finishing touches to a brand new album (despite encountering the misfortune of having a bunch of their gear and the album’s master tapes stolen from the studio) and as they prepare to head up our way to perform during race weekend, we managed to nab a highly entertaining and rather unique chat with front man Fergus Linacre.

Your new single, ‘Say You Remember’, is somewhat of a return to your rocking roots – is the track indicative of the vibe of your upcoming third album?

If you purchased a seat on a Virgin Galactic flight and once you were in space you looked out the window back at Earth and saw oceans and continents and weather systems, the experience, I would liken to that of listening to ‘Say You Remember’. The song is a strong representation of what to expect from the album, but of course the other side of the planet, the side you cannot yet see, the side that is perhaps in darkness, where nocturnals hunt and deviants play, that is still a mystery to you whilst you float in zero gravity and peer back at what was once your home.

How have things gone with getting the record back on track following the recent unfortunate studio theft you experienced? 

Like all misfortune you must embrace the positives. We moved studios from a house in Collingwood to an inner city bunker, which provided a different environment in which to create. We had to re-record lost songs and in doing so we were able to re-imagine them, hopefully for the better. We met a lovely young kid who bought one of Al’s (stolen) guitars for $150 off a dude on a bike in a park. He returned it but he was so sweet and he loved the guitar so much that Al gave it to him, which warmed my heart. In short, you cannot break our spirits, and the album is very nearly complete.

As part of your bumper upcoming national tour you’ll be performing here on the Gold Coast at the Vodafone 600 Super Car event. Are there any motor sport enthusiasts in the band? 

We genuinely love racing, we all ride motorbikes, often we take them on tour and we go-kart every chance we get. For (guitarist) Al’s birthday we got him a race-day experience thing, we’ve played at the Formula 1 and when we are in Brisbane or Adelaide or anywhere overseas where they have those electric scooters we end up racing through the streets. So are we excited to play the Supercars GC600… aheeelllaaayessss!!

What else will you be getting up to across the weekend of the race? Any particular bars, venues or restaurants that you’re looking forward to hitting while you’re here?

We love a good time on the Goldy, we may dine at Etsu, we may drink at the Scottish Prince, we may dance in a cage at Escape, who knows?? We will of course hit the surf and enjoy the sunshine. Maybe go kart, maybe we can get a hot lap at the actual race or something, anyone who can hook us up let me know!!

You guys are renowned for your love of touring and performing live. Have you got anything extra-special in store for audiences on your upcoming national tour and when you perform for race goers at the Vodafone GC600?

You know how after a driver has won their race they may do a sweet doughnut burnout and there is smoke and burning rubber and everyone is cheering and going crazy? Well we do that but on stage, we can’t reveal all the secrets but what we have planned will surpass any kind of celebration you could expect from a driver.

How is 2020 shaping up in the world of Kingswood?

Jam packed with touring, heading back to Europe, UK and the USA, and perhaps South America, hey why not tack on a trip through China? Anyone else want us? Anyone know how we can get a gig on some rich people’s Island? Or a super yacht? Or maybe we will take a trip on Virgin Galactic and be the first band to play in space. And we’ve come full circle.

Gold Coast Vodafone 600 takes over Surfers Paradise from 25 to 27 October 2019. For the full musical lineup, program of events and tickets, hit up the website at

Check out ‘Say You Remember’ below:

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