WAAX on for Shakafest and BIGSOUND

WAAX’s new ‘Wild & Weak’ EP has been stacking up the accolades since its release. On the back of their biggest tour to date, which included two sold out shows in Melbourne and an upcoming tour supporting Dune Rats, the Brisbane five-piece with Marie DeVita front and centre are definitely not catering to the weak-minded.

Samantha Morris hung five with Tom Bloomfield (drums) ahead of their Gold Coast and BIGSOUND sets.

Tell me about the current tour and just-announced Dune Rats support slot?

The W&W tour has been great, it’s almost over now we only have Perth left, but it’s the first time we’ve really sold out any shows so the experience has been surreal. It’s been small rooms with a lot of sweat and moshing and singalongs, such a blast. Yeah the Dune Rats tour is something we’re really excited about, such an insane lineup and such incredible venues. The reaction has been unbelievable as well, they have such dedicated fans, it’s awesome to see some of those shows selling out within days.

You decided to release ‘Wild & Weak’ independently. What lead to that decision?

We raised the money and thought why not? We’re not opposed to labels, but creative control is really important to us and we had this idea of how we wanted to release it. No label was going to put an EP out on a 12 inch, but that’s what we wanted, so we just sort of made it happen.

You collaborated with some absolute guns on the EP; LA / Brisbane producer Miro Mackie and Grammy Winner Joe LaPorta. Tell me about them and the impact they had on your work?

Miro had a significant impact on the songs; he’s always full of ideas and has a really fresh approach. It lead to some arguments because we can all be a little precious about our parts, but ultimately he shaped the EP in an incredible way and it wouldn’t have been the same without him. Joe we have never met, with mastering you just sort of ship your songs off and they come back all shiny, he’s essentially the absolute best you can get though.

Your BIGSOUND experience was pretty big, hey? The WAAX live show had rave reviews – including from the Blank GC team. How significant was BIGSOUND to your journey?

Aside from being the funnest week of the year BIGSOUND will play an important role in helping any budding artist. Just an incredible chance to expose your music to some people who can really make a difference to your career, it can be pretty invaluable. I really don’t know how significant it was over all, but I’m sure the hype alone helped us a lot.

You’re hitting the Gold Coast for Shakafest next month. It’s a killer lineup. For those who’ve never seen a WAAX show, tell us what they should expect?

Maz will yell at you a lot, you’ll be very sweaty and we’ll all have a lot of fun. Bring all your shakas, you’ll need em.

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WAAX hit Shakafest on Saturday 19 August at Miami Tavern before they hit BIGSOUND, 5 – 9 September in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley.

IMAGE (c) Luke Henery

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