Wallapalooza announces 2020 event will not go ahead

And the hits just keep on coming. In case Mondays weren’t enough of a bummer, the awesome gang at our beloved local multi genre festival Wallapalooza yesterday announced that due to the ongoing COVID-19 scenario, 2020’s event would not be proceeding.


Read the full statement from the crew below:


It is with heavy hearts and great sadness that the Wallapalooza crew must announce that this year, for the first time in twelve years, there will be no Walla.

With the state of the world as it is, the forced cancellation due to the COVID-19 pandemic was something the team at Wallapalooza had hoped to avoid, but unfortunately, there was nothing that could be done as every precaution is continued to be taken to ensure the spread is stopped within the community.

“Wallapalooza is all about community spirit and has a deep-rooted connection to music – the cultural heartbeat of our society. Walla’s that moment when you see a punter and a band connect to a lyric or riff and as you watch, you can see them both transcend to a space where nothing can touch them. But unfortunately, coronavirus has touched us all. It has compartmentalised our community and for now, taken away our chance to make more of these magic moments. But as artists, we are born of the soul, and our soul and our resolve to rebuild and reconnect are unwavering,” Andy Clark, director and founder of the long-running Gold Coast festival says.

“Wallapalooza, with your support, will be back. Those transcending moments will be back,” he promises.

Wallapalooza has always been a favourite on the Gold Coast social calendar and has provided a spotlight to many rock, heavy metal and punk bands, attracting both new and established acts who were keen to take to the stages of the boutique festival. It has, over the decade it has run, helped to foster new artists and build a network of musical mentors and relationships that have created lots of collaborations, both in a live and recorded setting.

These collaborations and friendships are what Wallapalooza is all about, and what has made Walla become a musical family, more than just a live show.

There’s still a chance for you to show your support to Wallapalooza and the crew, by checking out our special edition ‘Walla x covid19’ merch. These items are on sale as of today, featuring limited edition designs, and all funds will be used to recoup outlays and to ensure that Wallapalooza will live on beyond COVID-19.

As we all know, times have changed and the situation that the pandemic has created has been a surreal, depressing and heartbreaking time for many, but Clark has this message for you all:

“Love and strength to you all and in particular – our artists, crew and everyone that makes our industry tick. Buy merch and buy tickets wherever you can as without the communities support, live events like Wallapalooza will just be far fetched stories you tell your grandkids about. Peace, love and rock’n’roll”

Grab your Walla merch here.

We will miss you, Walla. But we look forward to welcoming you back, horns to the sky, in 2021.

IMAGE: Circles at Wallapalooza 2019 (C) Luke Sorensen


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