Wanderers wander into Marketta

Emerging from Adelaide’s rich songwriting scene, soul roots trio Wanderers have cemented their place within the local industry for their captivating live show and musicianship that has translated effortlessly from record to stage. While debut EP Goddamn Anything established them as a band to watch, it’s 2017 that is set to bring Wanderers to a larger audience. Now with their second EP Something of a Distraction under their belts, they are bringing their soulful sounds to the Gold Coast. Lead vocalist and guitarist Dusty Lee answered a few questions for Blank.

Tell me about your EP ‘Something for a Distraction’, what’s been the response? 

This is probably our most collaborative body of work so far, as far as the writing side of things goes. It showcases some very fresh songs that demonstrates the direction we’ve been heading in more recently, with the ‘soul’ edge to our sound shining through a little stronger (eg Loco and In Your Fire). But it also showcases songs we’ve had in the set for a while that were re-arranged for the EP. It was a very live process and we tried to thoroughly capture the sounds and tones we wanted on the way in, keeping it old school. We were fortunate to have access to a studio (‘MixMasters in SA) that’s like a Disneyland for vintage recording gear, it was a hoot. It definitely helped us access the sounds we hoped to achieve going into it. So far people have been giving great feed back. It’s always interesting seeing what tracks people connect with, as apposed to our opinion of what we think people will like on there.
It’s always different! But because it’s quite diverse, different people seem to be liking different tracks and I’m really happy with that, it seems there’s something for everyone.

And you’ve got a new video for your single Loco as well, tell me why it’s so important to have a strong video presence for you?

We shot completely that live in the studio. We opted for that instead of a mimed video clip with a story line, or a band playing on a cliff or what ever, haha. Mainly because we want people to hear and see how we do it live, bring them into our world, and hopefully make them want to come to a show. It’s definitely useful content when applying for festivals and support gigs as well. People want to know you can pull it off live.

As far as general video presence, it’s the way of the world these days. People seem to need something visual as well as audible. I definitely want to do it more in the future and hopefully work with some great visual artists with creative ideas that can bring our sound to life on screen.

You’re passing through the Gold Coast this weekend as part of a national tour. Have you done a tour like this before?

Yes, last year we were up on the Goldy twice. We love it up there. This tour is definitely more thorough than any we’ve done previously though. We did WA for the first time last week and that was good fun.

You started in WA, passing through Queensland, NSW and Victoria before finishing in your home state of South Australia. Any favourite spots along the way?

We played a great show at a place called Settlers in Margaret River. The locals turned out and danced the night a way!

I’m looking forward to Melbourne as well because I have a lot of friends and family there and we’re playing a venue we’ve never played before, I’ve heard it’s great. Sonnys in Brissy sounds cool as well! And our first show in Byron ought to be full of good hangs, hopefully no torrential rain as well.

Tell me about the SA music scene?

The SA music scene is the quiet achiever of the AU music industry I think, even though that could be biased opinion coming from me. I just see so much amazing talent filling out our venues every weekend. And everyone is very supportive. Musos collaborate and are always there to help each other out. There seems to be more and more cool venues opening up as the years go on and pop up bar licenses are more accessible and more punters seems to be getting out to shows. Exciting time to be a South Aussie for sure.

Wanderers hit Miami Marketta on Friday 24 March


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